Being Cooked Alive in Samboan, Cebu- Cebu’s ONLY Kawa Hot Bath

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Paolo & I made a trip down South a couple months ago to visit Cebu’s only Kawa Hot Bath. It’s about 5 hours away from the city which you would think would be excruciatingly and painstakingly long but is surprisingly fun, given that you’re with people who don’t drive you insane.

It was one of those weneedtogetoutofthecityandspendsomeQT surprise trips so if you’re hoping for prices & useful information unfortunately, I don’t have any of that. But I have pretty semi decent photos! #thatssomething

Fantasy Lodge houses Cebu’s first and only kawa hot bath which otherwise can be found in Tibiao, Antique. Just by the looks of it, the kawa is literally an over-sized pot which is used to help one relax and unwind by having one sit in it while it is filled with water, essential oils and flowers. All throughout the process, the heat is monitored and kept at a certain heat so you need not worry about being overcooked while you’re in there (haha).

For more valuable information, check out their Facebook page.

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Enjoy Nature at Terrazas de Flores, Busay + GIVEAWAY!

Nothing makes a great success story than the kind that is built from the love of ones family which is exactly how this botanical wonderland came to be.

Terrazas de Flores is the only flower terraces in the Philippines located in Malubog, Cebu City. It’s a quick 15 minute drive from JY Square, approximately 1 km away from the La Tegola- Busay road and is home to 127 species of plants and flowers, beautiful art and fascinating poetry.

This flower terraces, which was designed by the owner himself with the help of upland farmers, is his expression of love for his 3 children. During a sit down session with Mr. Barrameda, he shared with us how many aspects of the area were created with his children in mind. His plans of creating a space for local artists to display their works is with his eldest daughter in mind as she is also a very talented portrait artist.

Here, guests can enjoy a selection of coffee, refreshments, pastries and simple yet delicious meals at a reasonable price. For a small entrance fee of P100.00, guests can enjoy the view, take beautiful photos, enjoy the scenery and relax by their cabanas.


Terrazas de Flores serves wine, cold cuts & cheese platters, coffee, cakes and other refreshments.

While their menu is still being finalized, you can already enjoy some of their dishes for a little over a hundred. I suggest the mango cheesecake!


There are tons of places to hang out and enjoy the scenery at Terrazas de Flores. Whether you prefer hanging out by a small pond, inside their glass fixtures or outside surrounded by nature; there is definitely a spot open and welcome for you to relax at. I personally enjoyed hanging by the cabanas sipping on wine and sharing warm stories with a good friend.


As mentioned earlier, Terrazas de Flores is home to 127 species of plants and flowers that can be appreciated through the terrace formation in which the area was designed after. It’s the perfect location for photo ops, date nights or even just to take a break from the city and unwind.

To find out more about them and their upcoming relaunching activities, follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

For inquiries and reservations, you may also reach them at 0917 653 4227.


Since it’s the month of LOVE, I will be giving away two tickets to 1 lucky person. These tickets entitle bearers to free admission and 1 cup complimentary coffee (each).

To find out how to win these, follow me on Instagram (@issaplease).

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