[VLOG] My Hair Transformation from Black to Ash Grey Update: Bleaching, Dyeing, FAQ’s

Yes, I AM blogging at 1:30 in the morning because the internet is fast and… I am sober on a Friday night so why the heck not?

Thought I would make this lengthy but informative vlog entry for everyone who has been asking me about my hair because i love you all and you deserve it.

This vlog entry mostly covers my hair transformation journey from bleaching to dyeing, what I do in order to manage it now, where I bought my hair products (for those who are in Cebu) and your other hair related questions!

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Working on a bunch of new content for everyone to enjoy.

I hope I fall asleep soon,

Issa Perez

[Vlog] My Hair Transformation from Black To Ash Grey

It’s been the fifth day since I had my hair bleached and dyed- basically the most drastic thing ever to be done to my hair. As I finger comb through my newly woken up bedhead, I still feel like nothing has really changed in terms of the texture and strength of my hair. Maybe one more bleaching session will kill it for sure but I have a month to let my head rest and let’s hope for the best.

I have noticed though that my hair is a little harder to comb now (because I have started combing) especially when I skip the conditioner. My strands become clumped up but once it’s dry then I don’t have a problem with it anymore. Maybe I’ll try air drying it today and we’ll see how that works!

Again, I want to say thank you again to Blanche of The Hair Goddess for hooking me up with this tight look. I am so in love with my hair and I highly suggest anyone who is considering to DIY their own hair to check out her blog for lots of tips and tricks. I know she has an entry that breaks down the bleaching and dying process one by one.