KJM Cosmetics Lip & Cheek Tint Vlog & Blog Reaction

I’m a little late (as I always am) when it comes to make up trends but the KJM Cosmetics Lip & Cheek tint was something I honestly paid very little attention to since its first appearance in Cebu early this year. Sure, I saw it on racks on racks on racks whenever I went shopping but I never really bothered to ask what the big deal was nor did I care to try it out. In my head I thought to myself that, “it was just another lip and cheek tint” and that tints were sooo high school (and college) but I was surprisingly wrong. Lip and cheek tints are very much real, my friends!

What is KJM Cosmetics Lip & Cheek tint?

I tried researching it but their official website doesn’t really answer any real questions like, “why are they so famous?” and “what are they made of?” but Kimpossibly Gorgeous’ raves that it’s a Filipino brand and continues on her own review with an ecstatic yey for Pinoy Pride. Yey from me too!

My supplier and the beloved sponsor of this post, Let’s Stylize, did mention though that the products are organic and therefore are safe to consume (if you like to consume lip tint?).


As requested, I pulled out 5/ 10 shades that Let’s Stylize has to offer and this week, I have made it my sole purpose to try out, test and share my sentiments with my wonderful readers about what I think about the KJM Cosmetics Lip & Cheek tint.



If you haven’t gotten around to watching the vlog, here’s a run through of the video:

What makes a good lip and cheek tint?
I thought long and hard (lol, jk, I used common sense) and thought about what comprised a good/ decent tint and came to the conclusion that it takes the factors: consistency, longevity and price point.

Consistency. The tint is light weight but much to my dismay, is oil based. Unfortunately for me, I hate oil and I quickly found out in the video that oil tends to spill on to your teeth if you’re not careful and will tint your teeth, as well. Although, I wouldn’t really think of this as a bad thing because you can always allow the tint to dry or dab the tint in portions before smacking your lips together. Either route, the oil dries up and you’re not left in this predicament for too long.

Longevity. You obviously want your tint to last long because who likes constantly reapplying make up anyways? I certainly don’t! Reviews say that this products lasts up from 3- 6 hours, depending on how often you wet your lips and I definitely wanted to put this to the test or… tests, rather!

EXPERIMENT NO. 1: The wet wipe test

EXPERIMENT NO. 2: The water test

EXPERIMENT NO. 3: The food test

EXPERIMENT NO. 4: The kissing test

EXPERIMENT NO. 5: The drop test (not a part of longevity but let’s throw it in there anyways!)

If you want to see the results… please watch the video. And while you’re at it, like, SUBSCRIBE & leave some love in the comments section below 😀

Price Point. A bottle of this tint will cost you about P150.00 and is said to last you a looong time (according to Youtube reviews). I’d say, it’s a pretty penny to pay and I definitely think it hits the sweet spot, price-wise.

 Here are some swatches:


Bittersweet Magenta (on cheeks only)

Bittersweet Magenta (on cheeks & lips)

See what I meant by it going on your teeth!


Girl Talk


Although I really did have an issue with it being oil based, it’s pretty forgivable and since shooting this video, I have incorporated the tint in my daily make up routine.

I could tell you all about it, really. But I’d rather you watch the video so please, do me the honors!! <3

That’s all that I have for today, dear friends and beloved readers!

If you want to get your own KJM Lip & Cheek Tints, feel free to message Let’s Stylize or drop by your nearest Emporium concept store.

Let me know if you enjoyed my beauty review and if there’s anything you’d fancy I try out and experiment on again.

Til the next,

Issa P.

A Few Tips on Making Christmas Shopping Easier


Christmas shopping can often be such an ordeal not only on your pockets but on your time and energy, as well. I love getting gifts for the people I love but let’s be honest, having to brave the traffic, push through crowds, long cues and lugging around heavy shopping bags isn’t exactly a shoppers day in heaven.

So here a few tips on how to make your Christmas shopping a lot easier:

1. Make your own gifts.

Whether it’s your world famous cookies, a customized picture frame or a simple nick knack; DIY gifts go along way budget-wise and in terms of making an impression. If you’re not the craftiest, there are a bunch of ideas online to inspire you so don’t be after to let your imagination run loose!

Lifestyle Fashion Photography-32

2. Do your Christmas shopping months in advance.

Once the -ber moments kick in, sales seem to pop up everywhere so why not start buying gifts as early as then? This way, you won’t have to worry about spending all your money in one piece, carrying huge shopping bags and you’ll have more time to think about what to get your friends because you started shopping early!

Lifestyle Fashion Photography-60

3. Shop at bazaars instead of malls.

I love supporting local products and businesses which is why you will frequently find me bazaar or food market hopping. There are so many local items that us Cebuano’s take for granted that are super affordable and steer away from the typical gift ideas- why not take advantage of these for Christmas?

There are countless holiday bazaars happening throughout the metro so take some time with your friends or family and spend the afternoon shopping, eating and having a grand time!

Lifestyle Fashion Photography-64

4. Shop online

 Let’s Stylize is just one of the many online stores locally, nationally and internationally but I trust in their products 100%. This holiday season, not only are they offering clothes and make up but even baked goodies, as well. Making transactions with them is easy breezy which is why I would suggest them to everyone who’s hoping to make their holiday shopping a little bit easier.

Lifestyle Fashion Photography-75

Photographed by Hanz Florentino on Studio Inspiro

What are you favorite online stores?

Do you have any holiday shopping tips of your own? Let me know in the comments below!

Easy on the spending,

Issa P.


Cool Oats

I just discovered that I have been spelling culottes wrong this entire time. It’s culottes and NOT cullotes. I honestly feel like I should be ashamed but really, it doesn’t phase me. I never was a speller. I’m a sayer. Ok, Issa. Stop. #issaishyperagain
On a more fashionable note, I honestly used to think that culottes were not a right move especially for a short stuff like me. However, when presented with a challenge, especially a fashion based one, I really could not steer away. Luckily, I was able to find the right mix of choices to make this look come together- a nice fitting top that matched my bottoms + printed culottes + heels.
Top: Uniqlo| Culottes: Let’s Stylize| Heels: Zalora| Accessories: Your Fashion Friend Cebu
Am I a fan of culottes now? Honestly, not a 100%. But would I wear it again? Sure, why not. They’re pretty comfy and they’re a good for lazy days so GO RA!



What’s new in fashion, guys?


Issa P.

Floral Ambitions

It’s been a long, crazy, sometimes lazy, sometimes painful month or so and I feel like I needed to disconnect myself in order to come back bigger and better. Sorry for that short hiatus.

My life has changed so much lately and I’ve been making some pretty big adjustments including moving to a bigger place, setting new career goals and setting new challenges for myself and for the people around me. I have learned that it is important to keep ourselves constantly excited and always looking forward to something instead of just going with the flow and seeing where life takes us. I have learned that the biggest sacrifices often yield the biggest and most unexpected blessings and above all, that life goes on.

Having said all of this, which by the way is totally unrelated to this blog post, I have realized that when life gets hard (like it always does), we all just need to learn how to stop and smell the flowers. Sometimes the answers to the questions we are looking for are in the most simple things, we just haven’t seen them yet. That’s OK though, we eventually do. I eventually did.


Floral halter top: Let’s Stylize (@letsstylize)


Bloom on,

Issa P.

T- Shirts & Chokers

the rainy seasons is coming, get comfy!



Bowler hat: Hong Kong street market| Choker: Aizilym (@P20.00)| Tshirt: Let’s Stylize

 yellow 1

yellow 2

yellow 3

Glasses: Taylor (from Executive Optical)| Skinny and 1″ inch choker: Yourfashionfriend_cebu| Tshirt: Let’s Stylize




1″ inch choker: Yourfashionfriend_cebuTshirt: Let’s Stylize

Look alive,

Issa Perez

Hotel Rooms & A Short Rant On “Beauty”


Just came back from my trip to Moal Boal where we spent our lovely and much needed trip at Club Serena where we were able to watch the whale sharks, the sardine run and the turtles. Along with that trip I was able to come home with wonderful memories and jelly fish stings all over my body! It was totally worth it and although I am itching uncontrollably, I am more grateful than I am angry. Maybe next time I’ll  wear a rash guard or a wet suit but that’s for another adventure *two weeks cannot come any sooner*!

Vacations are always a great time for me to insert scenic/ dramatic photo shoots because of the great scenery and new backdrops and even if I have to run back and forth to set my self timer. Yes, I take my own photos with the aid of my handy dandy tripod. So if you have one, use it and if you’re planning to get one make sure to invest in a sturdy tripod because cameras are expensive and there’s no point in scrimping out on your accessories.


A thought that came into my head as I was writing this is the issue of skin color and the fact that I am currently 2 shades darker than I normally am.

We live in a society where people adore people with fairer skin and think that being white or fairer is the equivalent to beauty. They try so hard to get that look and invest so much on whitening products and stay as far away as possible from the sun. If that’s what you’re into then fine, I’m not going to judge you but at least have the decency to respect those who are not afraid to get a real tan. 

I’ve always been a morena, even if most of my relatives are fair skinned. My mom is white, my dad is white, my siblings are white and I am not. My grand father, who I looked up to greatly growing up and my aunt who won Miss Cebu Tourism in 1990 have the same skin color as I am and growing up, I looked to them for confidence when everyone was telling me that I was getting too dark and that I shouldn’t stay under the sun to play tennis, swim and all the activities I involved myself in growing up. They were proud of their color, they never let society define them and they succeeded and are continuing to succeed because color is not proportionate to what you are and what you can achieve.

I’m not saying to disregard sun block and soak up in the sun because these products prevent cancer, burn and premature wrinkling among other things- I use them when I can and I will continue to use them because I believe in taking care of my body. What I am saying is to not look down on anyone who does not fit your personal beliefs of beauty because we are all beautiful in our own ways.

I’ve been called numerous things for being a morena like a farmer, a negra, poor, ugly and I’ve had people choose fairer people over me because to them I was not worthy of their attention/ affection and worse respect. Yes, it hurt but I never wanted to change who I was because of these small minded opinions and neither should YOU.

Love yourself first before you allow anyone else to love you and if you’re a morena living among people who think you need some gluta, papaya soap or to lock yourself in your room then you don’t need them because you’re fabulous the way you are! <3




Polo shirt used as a dress: Let’s Stylize 

So many thoughts in one night,


As Bright As The Sun with Let’s Stylize and Havaianas


When I’m not basking under the summer sun, you’ll be sure to find me in Let’s Stylize’s new summer collection of kimonos and cover ups. I love cover ups and I find them super handy especially when you want to walk around but you don’t want to commit to wetting your towel or your change of clothes just yet.

I have a couple of these bad boys which I will be recycling throughout the summer and if you don’t have your own, I suggest your get one before it’s too late.

I find chiffon cover ups to be my favorite so far because they are light weight and dry up easily so I don’t worry about it getting too heavy from absorbing water off from my body. Other than that, cotton cover ups and kimonos aren’t that bad either.




Cover up: Let’s Stylize| Flip flops: Havaianas




May Your Summer Be Colorful,


Bikinis Out!


Based on the amount of sweat that has been coming out of my body the past few weeks, I think it is safe to say that it is finally summer!

And unlike last year, I will be on time with my summer and bikini photos since I will be able to celebrate it on Philippine time. So yey for all the beach trips I can’t wait to go on and all the bikinis I am so excited to wear!

For our first trip, a group of friends and I went boating while others went diving a little off the island of Mactan. I love diving and I definitely would have gone had it not been for this insanely huge purchase I recently made that has left me broke. Boo but it was totallyyy worth it. So instead, I decided to enjoy the sunshine while Paolo painstakingly took my photos. #instagramhusband.not



Halter Bikini: Reblogshop_swimwearFull length kimono: Let’s StylizeSunnies: Sunnies By Charlie


Enjoy the sunshine- it’s free,


Seaside Sessions with Jiri Dinsay


The more I surround myself with different photographers, the more I am able to appreciate the art and the process of taking beautiful photos. Sometimes it is done under intense heat, smells with kanya- kanyang diskarte which all pays off when we are able to see the output of our hard work.

I shot with Jiri Dinsay for this set who was as easy and breezy as the seaside winds that graced us that morning. Definitely someone I would love to be able to work with again and again and again!














Of course, this fun photo session would not have been complete with my Let’s Stylize full length dress and full length Kimono. It’s perfect for welcoming summer as we all know where we’ll be headed to- the beach!

Make sure to check out more of their new collection!

Soo many beautiful pictures, gwapa kaayo akong pamati mag tanaw. ^_^

Happy weekend,


P.S. If all else fails- scotch tape. But by ALL means, avoid flash photography 😉

You Deserve Flowers


Let’s Stylize always has my back especially when it comes to my more lady-like dressing. I can always depend on them when it comes to picking out pieces perfect for special occasions, business meetings and other more chic occasions in my life.

I wore this dainty number during a very special meeting over the weekend and it made me realize how much dressing the part can help with building up confidence. Try to keep this in mind the next time you’re dressing up for an interview, a date or even a night out!




Double layer cami: Let’s Stylize| Shorts: Zara from Planet Exchange| Bag: Coach| Sandals: Carcar


Enjoy your weekend,