[VLOG] Serious Sundays: How Did I Get Over My Quarter Life Crisis?

I’ve been a bad vlogger! :’)) I blame my crappy internet and the lack of a functioning laptop but THAT IS ALL FIXED NOW! (yaaaaas)

If you know what it’s like to not know what you really want to be in life or if you feel likeĀ there’s something more out thereĀ for you then I’m sure that you can relate to this video.

Thank you to Alex who asked me this question and if you have anything you want me to tackle on the vlog, leave them below or in the comments section of my video! <3

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Serious Sundays Vlog: Questions From No One


Wow guys, I am on a roll today!

A little late, Filipino time wise, but it’s STILL Sunday SOMEWHERE in the world. Also, since we’re already giving excuses, I would like to know WHY MY INTERNET SERVICE IS SO SLOW, ________?!?!?! You have ruined scheduled blogging/ vlogging for EVERYONE. *eye roll. slap. kick. stab*

So yeah, I hope you guys enjoy this video as I am truly having a wonderful time discovering myself better through vlogging. I feel like it’s a better outlet to talk and express myself and show you guys a different, more annoying side of me (that you will all learn to love).

If you want to ask me ANYTHING, check out the description of the video for my contact details.