[VLOG/ BLOG] Things To Do in Cebu: Astro’s Space Park, SM City Cebu

Looking for a place that will allow your child to release pent up energy while encouraging them to use their imagination through interactive play areas with a magical, space themed background? Encourage interaction, tactile skills, physical & imaginative play on your young ones at Astro’s Space Park, Cebu’s only space themed play zone for kids!

Not only is it a huge indoor playground for children, it is also a great learning zone for them as it mixes traditional play, tech play, along with a little bit of science in between! I specifically like how it sparks curiosity among tykes, encouraging them to ask “why and how”. I don’t have kids yet but when the day comes, I would love for them to challenge me with questions because it means they are eager to learn.

ALSO. IT’S SPACE THEMED AND OMG HOW COULD YOU NOT LIKE ANYTHING SPACE THEMED?! Comment below if you wanted to be an astronaut growing up! :p

Astro’s Space Park is located at the 3rd level, SM City Cebu, North Reclamation Area, Cebu City. For questions, inquiries, reservations and the like, you may reach them here.

Issa P.

Honest Thoughts Before Getting A (Brazilian) Wax & Some Comforting Truths ft. Hey Sugar

There’s a certain sense of anxiety and liberation when it comes to getting waxed. I’ve been waxed “down there” before and let me tell you, every.single.time I go to a new place my mind goes to a million different places. So for this post, I’ve decided to write down a few honest thoughts I’ve had before getting a Brazilian wax and some truthful truths to make you feel better about it if you’ve been thinking about it but never had the guts to do it.

Thought # 1:

“What if I smell?”

Comforting fact:

Hey Sugar hands you wet wipes before the session even begins together with a paper pad that goes under you for hygienic purposes so you don’t have to worry about anything.


Thought # 2

“Do I have to do any pre- waxing activities to make it easier?”

Comforting fact:

Pain wise, probably not. If you can handle pain, you can but if you can’t then you’re just gonna have to be a trooper! But… I do prefer to trim just a little bit to make the process a little faster but don’t cut TOO short, you still want there to be enough space for the wax to hold on to.

Thought # 3

“Isn’t it weird to have another person in that… region?”

Comforting fact:

Waxing is a profession so basically, you’re not the ONLY person your therapist has waxed- it’s as normal to them as it is for an OB to see a baby coming out of a person so don’t stress about it too much. To ease the tension though, you can always come in the first time to get another service (check other services below) and see how you like your handler for your next private session.

Thought # 4

“I’m still towards the end of my (.). What if I drip?”

Comforting fact:

Well, you can’t go until after a week after your TOM anyways so go home, get some rest and come back when everything is clear.


Waxing of certain body parts is often times taboo in our rather conservative country but there shouldn’t be any shame in taking care of yourself so don’t be ashamed to bare it all.

If there’s one thing that money cannot buy, it’s service and Hey Sugar truly offered me one of the best pampering sessions by far with their super accommodating and well trained staff & clean facilities.

They are open at Ayala Center Cebu, SM Seaside & SM City Cebu.

For more details and promotions, follow them here!

Hey Sugar,

Issa P.

Better Vision with Sunnies Specs @ SM City Cebu

Sunnies by Charlie has upped their eye wear game by shifting from their super cool sun glasses collection to a brand new prescription eye wear line named Sunnies Specs. Because of Sunnies by
Charlies’ nationwide popularity, many customers wanted to not only just own fun and quirky sunglasses but eyeglasses as well, which is how this line came to be. 
This new line of prescription eye wear which took months to develop is design- driven, user- centered and easy on the pocket. It’s a simple process of getting the frame you want, a free eye exam and same- day service all for just P 1,999.00!
Here’s a quick view of my favorite pieces from their collection:
Here are a few photos from the launching of Sunnies Specs at The Pig & Palm a couple of weeks ago:



Make sure to check them out at SM CITY CEBU ,Upper Ground Floor, North Wing SM Cebu,

For more information, check out their official website




I can see clearly now,

Issa P.


Switch and Save featuring Iya Villania & Watsons


I’ve officially made the switch and I’m  putting money away for a rainy day! Nothing is better than a scoring a great deal and at Watsons, I am able save more money without skimping on the important stuff- quality (and not to mention great packaging!).

I was lucky enough to experience the full shopping experience at Watsons, completed of course by the presence of our Personal Store Supervisor of the day, Iya Villania and now I’ve got a loot to brag about worth a quarter (or more) of the price!


Iya Villania shopping with beauty bloggers


Watsons, Asia’s leading health and beauty retailer, has set the standards when it comes to quality products at affordable prices. From personal care items, beauty essentials, and even medicine, Asia’s leading personal care store now offers a wider variety of products under its own label, giving smart shoppers the choice to save as much as 80 percent without compromising on quality.

Here’s what I got:


Power toothbrush [P209.00], Replacement heads [P149.00], Breath strips [P115.00], FootEase heel cushions [P107.00], Travel Dental floss [P39.00], Round thread dental floss picks [P29.00]


BUY ONE TAKE ONE  Conditioning treatment shampoo [ P189.00] & wax [P239.00]


Purederm Hydro Soothing Cucumber Pads [P89.75], Moisturizing 3- Step Facial Treatment [P65.00], Nose Strips [P119.00], Quick Fx No- Shine Mattifier [P89.00], Mini Wet Wipes [P49.00], Eye Puffiness Minimizing Patches [P59.00], BUY ONE TAKE ONE Round facial cotton pads [P178.00], Moisturizing lip balm [P59.00]


BUY ONE TAKE ONE Cream hand soap [P149.00], Hydrating body lotion [P99.00], Leg and foot soothing massage gel [P85.00], BUY ONE TAKE ONE exfoliating body scrub [P149.00], Loofah Pad [P82.00]

I am nothing but happy with the products I purchased from Watsons . In fact, some items such as the nose strips and no-shine mattifier have been a part of my daily or weekly make up and facial care routine for quite some time now.

It’s quite obvious that I’ve made the smarter switch by choosing Watsons. When will you?