Sugar, Spice and Everything Nice



Sugar and spice

and everything nice

that’s what little girls are made of



Sunshine and rainbows

and ribbons for hair bows

that’s what little girls are made of



Tea parties, laces

and baby doll faces

that’s what little girls are made of



But I was made of dynamite and sprinkles,

and dresses that would twinkle.

That’s what I am made of.



Leather and fur,

People saying “Look of for her!”

That’s what I am made of.



Beer pong, aces

And traveling to far places

That’s what I am made of.

Dress: Cotton On| Shoes: Sanuk| Shades: Rayban

Backdrop and photography: Chay Ramirez

Life is a lot more fun when you add a little or a lot of color to it!



Smarty Pants



One thing that every person needs in their closets are a good pair of pants. Unfortunately, that is something that I have deprived myself of for a very loooong time but, not anymore now that I’ve scored these awesome jeans from Guess

I never realized how much you could do with a decent pair of pants- you can wear them to work; to a chill night out with friends or in this case; you can pair it with an awesome high-low polo, throw on your trusty hat and voila! you’re ready to turn heads wherever it is you’re headed.

I got over my fear of trousers because I made the effort to try something new and I don’t regret it one bit. It’s a funny thing to be scared of, pants, but now that I’m over my little fear I find myself being a lot more confident and adventurous with other trends I never would’ve tried out! Remember, there’s nothing wrong with experimenting with different styles;  patterns and looks for as long as you stay true to what makes you comfortable and unique. Fashion is your friend and when you feel like you need a little bit more inspiration, that’s what this blog (and every other blog out there) is for.





Floppy hat: Topshop| Polo shirt: Planet Exchange| Pants: Guess Jeans| Sandals: Carcar




Necklace: Moms [whom I miss :(]



Stay Pretty. Be Educated. Dress Well. Get Money.








Although I no longer work at an office that requires a dress code, I still enjoy dressing up for the occasional meetings with clients-  cue, pretty dresses; blazers or work pants over a cute blazer.

Today I’m wearing this cute box dress from Let’s Stylize that allows me to be fun, professional and young. I think that’s what’s really important when dressing appropriately while in our youth- you have to dress your age while still injecting some kick ass-ness in your looks.

Check out Let’s Stylize for more of their new looks!



Sporty Spice

There’s no denying that every now and then we need a little inspiration when it comes to dressing up. I’m always trying to find inspiration for my next look online, through glossy pages of magazines or even in my surroundings.

My family recently sent a picture from their travels of them wearing sports shirts of our favorite team and it gave me the inspiration to put together a quick look inspired by that. It was too adorable not to share!

Fun fact: When I was growing up in California, my papa and I would play baseball by the park hoping that I could join a little league. I ended up concentrating on ice skating before moving back to the Philippines where I fell in love with tennis. I’ve always been the “sporty one” and being able to put this set together brings back good old times.




This sports season, show your love for your favorite sports team with Fanatics! They’ve got a wide selection of sports caps and other merchandise to complete your “sporty chic”, like this Red Sox hat, whether if it’s to support your favorite team or just rock an outfit.

Can you guess which caps I’m expecting in the mail? 😉



Be Gentle





You never know how a photograph turns out. When Jing and I were shooting these set of photos, I initially went towards a laid back; easy breezy theme in my head and then BAM! I find myself looking like some risque bombshell waiting to jump on you or you to jump on me. (whichever works, really. HAHA) But you know, I’m not even mad. If anything, I’m impressed and also, completely dependent on Jing now. He really knows how to make a girl look good. :)))





Life lately has been really hectic with work, meetings, blogging and trying to maintain a personal life with all my weird hobbies and interests. As of today, I am now a proud owner of my very own top of the line camera and I can not wait to turn this blog up another notch.

So tonight, I leave you with this:

Always follow your dreams, no matter how big or small they are. 

My dream was to write and make something out of myself in the world of fashion no matter how big or small and although I’m not quite there yet, I am still somewhere and that is definitely better than being nowhere. When you’re doing the things you love, there is no place for hatred; jealousy or resentment but only contentment and gratitude. It is easier to be happy for others and to share your happiness, as well. So there.








Crotchet top: Given| Camisole: Forever 21 Basics| Shorts: Abercrombie & Fitch



Sandals: Car Car

Photography: Jing Pascual



Perfect Summers with Coke


I’ve finally found the secret to having the perfect summer: good friends, the perfect beach weather and a bottle of Coca Cola- chilled to perfection!

 With the Coca Cola tumbler, it’s easy to get that #sarapngfirst feeling with every gulp of your favorite year round refreshment!


And although I’m not at the beach in this shoot, I still feel more than refreshed from the summer’s heat. I’m trying to rock the biker chic/ i-just-want-to-spend-the-whole-day-blogging-in-a-tiny-nook look.. what do you think?






Headband: Forever21| Necklace: Void online shop| Top: Planet Exchange| Bermuda shorts: DIY| Boots: SnH Shoes (SM Department Store)

Perfect summer; #perfectcoke. I couldn’t ask for more!



Threadcycle, OLX, iLearners and Things That Need A New Home

Pixie Dust Creations, in partnership with OLX, are throwing an awesome event this weekend and the best part- it’s all for a good cause!

This May 16- 17, 2015 (Saturday- Sunday) from 3 PM – 8 PM at the Ayala Terraces, I, along with my other Cebu based fashion bloggers such as: Jean Yu of; Toni Pino- Oca of; Doyzkie Buenaviaje of; Kristine Roa of; Marco of and many more, will be there to sell our pre-loved items. For each item sold, P20.00 will be donated to the iLeaners Inc., which is a non-profit organization, aimed at promotion reading efficiency in the rural areas of Cebu.



We’re really looking forward to seeing you during this event! If you’re not into shopping, then you can also drop by the area and donate used school supplies to help out iLearners wonderful cause.

Here are a few of the items that I will be putting up for sale:





PLUS! For a minimum purchase, you can also bring home art work made by either Jean, Toni or I. For sneak peaks, check out my instagram and snapchat: @issaplease. I’m always leaving like easter egg surprises there!

Can’t wait to see you all!



Pancake House Forever! feat. Peanut Buttercup Pancakes



Pancake house is now offering a delightful new dish, for a limited time only, that definitely has our seal of approval! [See picture below for my agreeing face]

The new Peanut Buttercup Pancakes have now arrived in Cebu and are sure to make you reconsider everything you thought you ever new about pancakes. Whether eaten with bananas [P20.00], 2 pieces [P214.00] or even 3 pieces [P318.00], there is no way to eat this dish and not fall head over heels in love with it! Their not-so-secret uptake to this classic dish is an all time favorite, Reese’s butter cups, which are popularly known for their peanut butter-like taste with a chocolate addition. Pancakes and peanut butter chocolate cups, who would’ve thought?

But don’t take my word for it, a dish like this is better tasted. Head on down to the nearest Pancake House and sample this dish before it’s too late! If you’re not a pancake person, their main course meals are just as delightful… I love their tacos!





Pancake House is located at Ayala Center Center (near the Active Zone), Oakridge Mandaue and Banilad Town Center.


Outfit shots to follow!



Planet Exchange: A New World of Shopping

DSC_0278There’s a well kept shopping secret here in Cebu that is finally getting the attention it deserves, Planet Exchange, a modern and chic shopping depot offers a shopping experience inside the mall that is out of this world. (I really wanted to say that. haha!)

Located at the 2nd floor of SM City Cebu, Planet Exchange offers a wide variety of shopping goods to choose from. Whether you’re hoping to splurge on premium items or shop on a budget, Planet Exchange caters to these needs without compromising quality and most importantly, good taste.

With quite a lot of concessionaires under their belt, you can expect to find whatever suits your fancy. If you’re looking for something fun and flirty, chill and casual, fancy and sophisticated or even something to lounge in at home or on the beach, you can expect that Planet Exchange has it!

My recent visit to this amazing shopping haven did not disappoint. In fact, I left realizing how much stuff I really wanted after feeling that there was nothing interesting in the world of fashion anymore. Yes people, sometimes I have a shopping dry spell but Planet Exchange obviously revived that drought.

Check it out for yourself 🙂



DSC_0236Affordable branded items for less than P800.00

DSC_0242Denim cut off and palazzo pants for the summer season


Neoprene bikinis for as low as P900.00



Rompers and flowy off shoulder tops


Here are also some individual pieces that caught my undivided attention (aka things I am definitely coming back for):


This racer front crop top that would look great in skinny jeans



A dainty graphic blouse perfect for church on Sundays or brunch with the family




Rose details for the lazy/ too-busy-to-accessorize woman 😉



Gartered and tattered jogger pants which are so in style right now




Whether your shopping for yourself, your family or your friends, Planet Exchange is way worth the trip! Of course, if you’re someone like me who doesn’t always have the time to shop unless it’s online, Planet Exchange also offers an online shopping option on their Facebook page where you can also see their items. Now that’s what I call shopping at it’s finest!

Make sure to check them out at the 2nd floor of SM City Cebu or online via:



Official website [coming soon!]



Watch out for my Planet Exchange shopping haul and ootd photos coming soon. You can also follow me on snapchat [@issaplease] for random daily fashion shots! <3

Thank you so much Karyll for the wonderful experience. I’ll see you soon than you expected :*



Daydreaming, Daydreaming All The Time



I’ve got so many things on my mind lately and it’s been driving me a bit over the edge but seeing pretty photos like this give me the bit of ease that I need when I feel like I can’t quite get anything right.

I’ve been realizing a lot of things lately particularly when it comes to life and it’s pacing- sometimes life can move so slow to the point of wanting to die from boredom and when things suddenly switch to the fast lane, I find myself having a hard time catching up. I know this sounds a bit crazy and awkward to talk about on a fashion blog but I think we’ve all come to a certain level of understanding that this is not your normal fashion blog. But going back to the topic, that’s pretty much how life has been for me lately… a lot of high speed car chases/ Driving Miss Daisy’s and occasionally an ugly car crash every now and then.

I entitled this blog entry “Daydreaming” after my favorite teenage angst band Paramore, mostly because when I find myself in an ugly situation, I like to daydream and think about the life that I really want and then it becomes easier for me to plan how to get there. Lately my dreams have mostly been of me with my family, traveling and being complete again (they all ditched me to be in the States, if you’re wondering) and keeping a healthy relationship with my boyfriend. In between that, there are also lots of images of shoes; clothes and an awesome bikini body. haha.

What are your daydreams about?








Bowler hat: H&M| Denim dress: Let’s Stylize| Sandals: Happy Heel

Photography by: Jing Pascual

Follow me on Instagram: @issaplease