Feel Like A Princess at Café Cómodo

Tired of being stuck in the Mandaue traffic with little choices of getting a quick coffee fix or a good meal while waiting for the roads to clear out? At Café Cómodo not only will they soothe your hunger pangs, you can also expect nothing less than a royal treatment. 
Located at the North Atrium building along Briones street in Mandaue, Café Cómodo offers a lot more than just a good meal and refreshing cold drinks. For P 300.00/ person, their resident photographer will take 10 photos of you while printing your best shot as a souvenir. You can even choose 1 out of their large selection of dresses, shoes and accessories imported from Korea to complete your look making it the perfect package for those who are hoping for a cheaper alternative to your pre- nuptial, debut or OOTD shots.

2-1 (edited)

3-1 (edited)

4-1 (edited)

For those who want to rent their gowns for their special day, you may also do so at various prices ranging from P 2,000.00 above.

2016_0216_03463800  2016_0216_03471500


And when you’re done playing dress up, treat yourselves to their delicious meals and drinks that are not only delicious but well worth the price. To be completely honest with you, I was really impressed with their generosity in servings in consideration to their prices. Each meal is equally filling, their flavors are unique and new to the palate which makes it even more worthwhile. Among all the dishes that I was able to try, it was the Chicken Mayo and the Cream Cheese Halo- halo dishes that really stood out for me. It’s a perfect place for neighboring students to spend their study sessions at or professionals to hold quick meetings.  With the growing number of Korean based restaurants and cafes, I think that Café Cómodo stands out with their unique concept, designs and product offerings which in a way makes up for the traffic that you might have to endure on the way there. But parking spaces are widely and easily accessible in the area which makes up for it, in a way. Here’s a quick run through of what I had there:2016_0216_03565800

Tuna Kimbap w/ mashed potato sidings @ P 170.00


  Korean spaghetti @ P 99.00  


Chicken Mayo @ P 149.00


Cream Cheese Halo- halo @ P 150.00


Cafe Americano @ P 100.00


White Choco frappe @ P100.00

For more details and upcoming events that will be held at Café Cómodo, follow them on Facebook

  Low necklines + high slits = risqué afternoons   A photo posted by Issa Perez (@issaplease) on

See you there,


Elated Industries Has A New Home!



Elated industries has found a new home!

Now located at the ground floor of the new wing of Ayala Center Cebu (beside BPI machines), Elated Industries now has a more permanent residence for everyone who loves their classic designs and unique pieces that tell their own stories.

From polos, graphic tees, custom made pants, accessories and our favorite- their pocket tees, Elated Industries is stocked up with all your favorite pieces and brand new ones for you to fill your closet space with. So make sure to drop by and share the love!





For updates, follow them on Facebook

or check out their official website



Serious Sundays: Is He Sincere?

It’s another Sunday and another episode of Serious Sundays with ME! 🙂

This weeks question is from a very sweet reader of mine who I have had the pleasure of meeting and actually becoming friends with. Hope my advice helps you, L!

If you want to send in your questions, find out how in the description box.

Til next week,


Serious Sundays Vlog: Questions From No One


Wow guys, I am on a roll today!

A little late, Filipino time wise, but it’s STILL Sunday SOMEWHERE in the world. Also, since we’re already giving excuses, I would like to know WHY MY INTERNET SERVICE IS SO SLOW, ________?!?!?! You have ruined scheduled blogging/ vlogging for EVERYONE. *eye roll. slap. kick. stab*

So yeah, I hope you guys enjoy this video as I am truly having a wonderful time discovering myself better through vlogging. I feel like it’s a better outlet to talk and express myself and show you guys a different, more annoying side of me (that you will all learn to love).

If you want to ask me ANYTHING, check out the description of the video for my contact details.



Natori Is Now In Cebu


Luxury department store, Rustan’s, recently reopened its doors to welcome loyal customers here in Cebu to a bigger new space located at Ayala Center. After decades of bringing only the finest brands from all over the world to the Filipino market, Rustan’s continues to astound and impress the country’s most discerning shoppers with a fresh lineup of the best collections under one roof.

This season, Rustan’s is proud to present yet another aspirational brand to grace the shores of Cebu, N Natori. Guided by Josie Natori’s legendary East/West aesthetic, N Natori infuses sophistication into feminine, utterly wearable fashion that celebrates all sizes, and that are accessible and relevant to modern women everywhere.






The softer, more relaxing side of island life is expressed in the N Natori SS15 collection. Muted colors, sheer cottons, and new silhouettes create an uplifted spirit for N Natori. Signature caftans and staple separates in classic Natori fabrics reflect the islands’ mellow nature and create a look of simple sophistication. The collection’s ease and comfort transform any day into an island vacation.

Witness the exquisite collection of N Natori and give your time for lounging and relaxing a gorgeous new wardrobe.

N Natori is exclusively available at Rustan’s Cebu and Gateway. Josie, Josie Natori and Natori are available at Rustan’s Makati and Shangri-la.






[Photodiary] #CebuInTheBag Days 2 & 3

Happy Monday everyone!

I wasn’t able to update everyone on Saturday and Sunday… I hope that doesn’t make me a bad blogger!

First of all, before I entertain you with a visual fiesta of what went on during days 2 and 3 of Cebu In The Bag, I want to give a biiig thank you to those who went all the way to The Outlets at Pueblo Verde to support the local fashion bloggers and the Manila bloggers as well. I started this blog out of my frustrations in college and it’s been about 3 years since then and I can’t believe that I am able to do things such as a meet and greet! The best part about all of this is really getting to meet you guys at last!!

So here are some of my photos and photos that I was able to pick up off social media accounts. Will update when I have more!


With Gizelle and Rabsin my CFB loves!

With the two balls of energy from Everything Bacon

With Lissa Kahayon

David Guison

My picture with Kryzz is somewhere on the internet. I still have to find it. lol

Camille Co

Day 3

Didn’t get to take that many pictures during the last day because I was busy getting my shopping on and talking to the other vendors and bloggers. But don’t worry! I’ll be posting my outfit photos this week and I’ll go more in depth about my experience. 🙂 I just needed a proper entry to photo dump hence this post!

I’m blogging in between work and if my mom finds out, I’m dead meat. So bye… for now!

Love you all,

Issa <3

[Photo Diary] #CebuInTheBag Day 1

Hi Everyone! I just got home from Day 1 out of 3 of the Cebu In The Bag: Celebrity + Blogger Food and Fashion Bazaar at The Outlets in Pueblo Verde in Mactan.

It was a very productive first day and I’m happy to say that a lot of my items were sold and I can’t wait for tomorrow to meet more of you guys and also to invite more people to check out the blog! Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to take a lot of pictures of my customers/ readers because

1. I was too shy to ask for pictures

2. I was busy eating and

3. I was pre-occupied with the loom bands I was playing with.

BUT here are a few of the pictures I did manage to take and a little more information if you’re hoping to visit us tomorrow!

Azul’s Tuslob Buwa @ P99.00/ set + Puso @ P 3.00

Everything Bacon Quesadilla @ P85.00

How to get there”



[Today: Azul’s, Team Brownie, Everything Bacon]

[Tomorrow: Jafar’s, Bad Boy Wingz, Sir Chief’s Corner]

Celebrity/ Local Fashion Bloggers:

More pictures tomorrow, I promise!! <3



Street [sm]Art

 I honestly don’t know how I’m going to write this blog. These photos have been sitting in my draft folder for a good week now and every time I get to writing, I always find myself starring at these pictures with a loss for words.

I am madly in love with this set by Jing Pascual and Jade Caballo, it has every aspect I so deeply admired when I got into fashion blogging: a good eye for detail, a killer backdrop and awesome quality of photos.

These pictures are a product of love, passion and LOTS OF GUTS since they were literally shot in the middle of the round during rush hour on a weekday. Hope you enjoy them!

As Summer slowly comes to an end, it has become essential to be prepared for just about anything. Knowing Cebu and it’s sporadic weather, it wouldn’t become much of a surprise if it was scouring hot at one point and then raining like it’s nobody’s business the next.  I mean, it’s already happening -.-

On top of my “to buy” list at the moment is a pair of sleek knee high rain boots that I can easily sport when the rainy season is on full frontal duty. I’ve been doing most of my research online but while I’m still on the hunt, my ever beloved Doc Marten replicas always seem to do the trick- they’re good for taking long walks, walking in damp places and they bring out an extra side of bad ass in me.

Going back to the weather, I always find it safer to stick to my basic white pieces when dressing up. That way, if it gets to hot, I don’t have to worry about feeling so stuffy and keeping a statement cover up is always fun to keep around my waist or to have around my shoulders when the occasion arises.

For this specific shoot I decided to keep things at a minimum since I knew we would be shooting around UBEC Crew’s masterpieces along Rahman street. Their work is so vibrant, meant to stand out and I wanted to work around it, to be seen in it while not being consumed by it at the same time. I guess this is what I came up with.

It’s suddenly become a dream of mine to pose around another graffiti wall in a flouncy full length dress just because I’d like to think I’m ironic like that. (Afterall, I named my dog Meow and my pet rock Fluffy) So until then, I will keep my eye open for new places to shoot- Cebu is full of them! I love my city, I love the people in it and I love being a part of it! #cebukeepsmegoing

Outfit details:

Top: Terranova

Shorts: Department Store Brand (Gaisano Carcar, yo)

Plaid top: H&M

Boots: SM Department Store

Accessories: iWatchz, Aizilym, The Bead Shop


Issa Perez

Photos by:

 Jing Pascual

 Jade Caballo


Leero x Saike x Basic Lee x Flai x Gats

“The cebu artists are from ubec crew..gats and basic lee from method makers based in california” – Ubec Crew

Mad props!