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Posting the last set of photos I took with Roger Cas. You can see the first set and read the melodramatic side of me on this post.

I’m proud to say that the picture above is my most reblogged photo on Tumblr and it has been featured mostly on bike enthusiasts pages.

For those who are wondering… No, I do not own this bike (unfortunately) but I do own my own racing bike. I competed last year during the Sugbo Triathlon in Oslob and if my knee allows me to, I intend on joining again this year. If there’s one thing I love as much as I love fashion, it’s sports (and I don’t even TRY to be the least bit fashionable when I play. shorts + big shirt = perfection!) which I think reflects me a lot. I’m not exactly a girly girl but I’m not a tomboy either. Well, on most days.

What do YOU love? 🙂

If you love events and if you’d love to meet me and my other Cebu Fashion Blogging friends, head down to the Baseline this afternoon for #hypercebu! I’ll be there from 1 – 5 pm and I’d be glad to meet you guys!!

I’ve seen my daily analytic… I know I have readers. Please be kind and say “hi” LOL

See you guys there and if you need more details about the event please check out this entry



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