Teach Me How To Maki At Sushi Boy

I’m no magician in the kitchen but I do believe in trying. I’ve whipped up a few things in the kitchen but Japanese food has always been my dream cuisine to eventually learn since I am a huge fan of their dishes. Luckily, Sushi Boy is offering Maki making sessions and I was one of the first few who got invited to try my luck at it and you know what, I wasn’t bad!

Here’s what happens during their maki making session:

All materials and ingredients are prepared and provided by Sushi Boy so all you have to worry about is assembling your maki and eating them after

Chef then teaches you how to assemble your maki while performing it in front of you in case you need visuals. If anything gets too hard, there are always staff awaiting to guide you and help you through the process. In my case, I needed some help spreading out the ingredients and slicing.

During your session, Chef teaches you how to make 3 kinds of maki namely, the classic California maki, deep fried salmon maki and a tuna maki that’s super easy to create on your own at home.

Here’s how mine turned out:

And yes, they did taste as good as they look! :p

It was such a great learning experience and it was so much fun, too! I’m pretty proud to say that I can add “knows how to make a mean maki” on my list of skills now. lol. The best part, it’s FREE to join!

Don’t miss out a chance to learn and do something fun this summer, follow Sushi Boy on Facebook & Instagram for more fun activities and promotions.

I am so proud of myself,

Issa P.

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