tell me what means more to you

can you say.. SCREW UPP?!

honestly, i don’t know what to do anymore. i can’t say that i’m totally sad about what’s happening because quite frankly, i don’t think much of anything is going to change except for the .. the really can’t find the right word to describe it. the .. shit, i know this.. uhm, AMBOT OIE, PISTI!

anyways, yeah, things have been happening in my world lately. imagine that, i finally have something to talk about something other than hating school or .. whatever.

hahai. i know things’ll be different. lunches will def. be akward since we’ve managed to go through a whole year putting up with this but.. this is what i want and i’m sure she wanted it too since she didn’t even have the courtesy of talking to me about it. so, i guess, we’re ok.? no, but she has her friends and i have my notebook. which sounds sooo exciting.

miguel picked me up today. i made him spend 300 bucks on a cab. lol. thanks, mig. iit was fun.

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