tell me who’s the shit

i just read the message again. here’s my real reply:

maybe the girl likes him but then again maybe she doesn’t. maybe she’s just nice and had a lot of extra time. just cuz she made his scrap book doesn’t mean she likes the guy. if she texts like she doesn’t care, maybe she’s just like that. maybe she doesn’t like texting or maybe she’s pissed cuz she thinks that your cousin in taking complete advantage of the situation. or maybe something else is up with her. you don’t know what she’s thinking. it could be anything.

just tell your cousin to talk to her. call her, meet her up. you know, tell her everything that she needs to know and not to keep her hanging like that. maybe your cousins like you, franc. he’s there one day and the next he disappears. mayube that’s what disappoints her. if that girl needs and explanation for him then she by all means deserves one.

tell your cousin i wish him luck and all the happiness in the world.

you too, franc. i guess.

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