The 100 Challenge

The rules are simple, you can only live on 100 things. Literally 100 things.

This is the challenge, do you take it?

Never in a million years!!

But I did do some clean housing. 🙂

Here are the before and after pictures. ENJOY!

My “study” desk


Bottom cabinet [short/ pants]

Top cabinet [underwear/ random shit]

Middle cabinet [perfume/ make up/ etc]

[sorry, I don’t know how to rotate this thing]


Of course, I did attempt to do the 100 challenge and got rid of a bunch of clothes before I took this picture. I still need to fix my dress cabinet.



approximately 60 tops plus my other clothes that’re in the laundry and the clothes we bought over christmas break 🙂


How do you plan to challenge yourself over the “new” year?

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