The Cooking Fashionistas: Tres Chic, Bella!

Bonjour Dames and Messieurs, Le Cooking Fashionistas are FINALLY back after our long and overdue hiatus [our apologies]!
Bid adieu to your ombre shorts and tropical quesadillas (check out the first episode here) cuz it’s time to pack our LV trolleys (Louis Vuitton or Lord Voldemort, whatever rocks your boat) and head to the land not only of the Eiffel, Louver but the macaroons, the afternoon teas, the fries (teehee) and gosh-by-golly-gee!, the Givenchy, Chanel, Dior and Lanvin!
Since we’re all poshed up, we went full Avant Garde with production with a little a WHOLE lot of help from our FMJ Co. bad assess, Franky, Mark and Jan.
So checked out our sexed up ham and cheese sandwiches and our DIY accessory hanger in video below:

  Can’t view the video? Mauvaise chose (that means poor soul. wink*wink), I have come prepared. Here’s the step by step:
Materials needed:
– Frame (you can use: old picture frames/ silk screen frames)
– Wires/ Lanyards/ String/ Thread
– Brass cup hooks
– Paint / Varnish for polishing (optional)
– Dimensional Paint/ Glue/ Glue Gun
– Scissors

1.       Mark frame on both sides (for the cup hooks)

2.       Screw the brass cup hooks into the frames (where you’ve placed your marks)

3.       Tie the wires between the cup hooks

4.       Decorate frames with dimensional glue. Leave to dry. (Apply 2 layers to get that “pop out” effect)

5.       Once dry, paint over with paint of your choice

6.       Leave to dry.


If that made you hungry, trot along to Justinne’s blog and check out how to make her Croique Monsieur (as seen in picture below):

So that’s it for The Cooking Fashionistas! We hope you liked this episode.

Once again we’d like to say a big fat THANK YOU to FMJ Co. for  this really awesome segment! Thanks for shooting this episode of The Cooking Fashes, guys! :*

<iframe width=”640″ height=”360″ src=”” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>

Check out more of them on the youtube channel and make sure to like their facebook page, as well!

Let me know in the comments if you want your own accessory hanger- I SMELL A POTENTIAL GIVE AWAY COMING!! ;)What did you think of this episode, guys? 😀 ‘Til next!xx,


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