the softer side you’ve been waiting to hear

Never caught my breath
Every second I’m without you I’m a mess
-this line has been playing on my mind all day long since
i heard it on Josh’s iPod.

because honestly, i’m scared that all these “i’m sorry’s” would eventually lead to an “i’m getting tired of this” or an “i can’t deal with your sorry’s anymore…” or something like that.

*sob fest. they just won’t stop coming.*

but it’s not like i come with an instruction manual or something [i forgot. period]. it’s not like i meant to make you mad because i’d never mean to do something like that. and its not like you don’t have your set of flaws but that’s not the big issue.

i SCREWED UP and i don’t have a good reason why i did it or why i keep doing it but i swear i’ll work on it.

but i’m like this. i forget easily. i get caught up. and you’re supposed to understand me and love me just the same.

isn’t that how it’s supposed to be??

i’m lost now

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