the thing she did for “LOVE” jk

babe, i love you!! i don’t deserve this!!! waaah i just wanna post it kosz i like it?!?! ok!!! and i hve  reply to it!! her goes:

really hated the way i ended this because 1.] I can’t imagine you saying it. It
sounds tacky, period for anyone. But then, I really don’t know how else to end
it and nag lutaw lutaw na intawn akong utok from all this Filipino.
L haha.


            Anyways, I actually kinda wanted you
to pick this speech up ganina cuz I knew you were out and I just thought you’d
be able to and then maybe just maybe I would’ve gotten to see you on a weekday
cuz I hardly get to since we decided not to just so we wouldn’t get caught. But
then you said you didn’t cuz you didn’t have a car so yeah, I guess I kinda
felt bad cuz you were out but you wouldn’t just drop by to see me or something
cuz yeah, but you had a good believable reason anyways but it still kinda
sucked for me You know, cuz you were out the whole day and I was at school,
hardly paying attention so I could make this cuz I promised you and idk, for a
second, it just really felt super unfair and I was just so annoyed with the
whole thing that I tripped out. [but then again, drama queen/ brat baya ko. So
I was just probably being inconsiderate again. Sometimes I forget. lol].


            So yeah, I was half kidding when I
told you that I wanted you to type this. [half pissed, too.] But I typed it
anyways just so I could get my mind off a lot of things. Idk, I can’t seem to
control my temper lately and I just get pissed easily. Sorry.


            But yeah. Don’t get tired of me.
it’s just that, that’s really how I feel. I mean, as much as I want to trust
you, you have to play some part in that. No matter how much I know that you
wouldn’t go and do something I’d regret being with you for, there will always
be this little annoying voice in me telling me that you could be doing that
just as I’m thinking it. I guess I need a little reassurance every now and
then, bik.


            I’m a girl. Girls worry. We’re
paranoid. And you’re my wonderful
boyfriend. I’m leaving the “Dealing with it” responsibility up to you. So
please don’t think that I’m trying to put you on a leash or that I don’t want
you to live a life of your own because that’s the last thing I would ever want
you to do. As much as possible I want you to feel like you’re living the same
life you were living before you were with me. [except some other stuff, of
course.] And I never want you to feel like being with me is holding you back
from doing what you want or from having fun or from whatever. But then when I
ask you these things, it feels like I am. And I’m lost. Here’s the part when I
need you to tell me what to do.


Xoxo- issa

uhm uhm uhm uhm uhm! I enjoyed the english part!!! i like it and bout the filipino part i think it’s goood!! it’s not that i cnt understnd filipino that much but yeah most probably yeah i kinda dnt understnd then most of all the content and idea of the english part iis PERFECT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love you so much baby!!! you once said before you cant do surprises for me but yeh this is one hell of a surprise!!im so hppy that you made something tht would come out as a surprise for me!! i lve you nd i dnt want u to go!

and oh yes in case you guys are wondering!? she made my speech! ahaha

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