Things I Am Grateful For Today

  1. That I was able to go to church today
  2. That I got to spend time with my family
  3. That I got 2 new flats
  4. That Jonas was invited to lunch (even if he didn’t go)
  5. That we got to go to Lovey Doggy and I got to play with ALL THE DOGGIES
  6. That I got to drink 2 glasses of coffee (hot AND cold. Yes)
  7. That we ate cool, fun food from Gaisano Country mall (of all places. lol)
  8. That I got to plan my entire week
  9. That I’m in bed by 10:30 with my face washed, toned, moisturized, serum-ed
  10. That I am excited for the week ahead
  11. That great things are about to come

I’m going to TRY and list down the things I am grateful for each day so I never forget to be contented.

Have an awesome week ahead, here’s a picture of me with a pug


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