things that give me happy feet

feels really good to go online, check your mail/ friendster/ whatever and read

  • doc ziggy
  • Posted 9/5/2007
  • im soo soo happy for you sweetie.
    he better not break my daughters heart or else!
    i love you so much!! :]
  • ‘ ‘ -yuMi-iii
  • Posted 9/5/2007
  • …im sOo hapPy fOr yOu!!:)!! hehehe! akOo jUd aNg giKiLig!!
    haha!!=) bSta,, iF haPpy Ka..gOo 4 it jUd.. bHala nA iF unsA ma
    HaPpen..haha!!;) nD.. bE tHanKfuL jUd..cZ,, hala dHai!!..gEh aNswer na
    nia imO pRayerz!:) haha!! ;p iSsa!!=) ..btaw,, chIkka gaLoRe jUd nIg
    kitA nAtU!! hahahaah!!;p mWah!! miSsyUhh!!
  • Lalaine Anne
  • Posted 9/5/2007
  • hey teh!ü

    just dropped by lang.. nice ang pics nimo dah.. imu tung
    uyab?BWAHAHHAH! tell me the updates ha?ako ang flowergirl..hahaha..

    anyways.. take care teh!ü mingaw na ko nimo..weeee!

  • Danton
  • Posted 9/5/2007
  • klaru ana!!
    uyab na diay mung balag ha, kaw ha musta na?

and it feels even better when this happens..

issadog_102890: haha
issadog_102890: happy
Lagz: wahahahahaha that was like weird

issadog_102890:  haha
issadog_102890: : nooo
issadog_102890: : not for you
Lagz: but if it mkes you happy then

issadog_102890: : you buzzed me man
issadog_102890: : hey baby
Lagz: HMmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmph!!!!!!!!
Lagz: cgeg cht s uban uyab oie!
issadog_102890: : patrick yulo: hola issa
issadog_102890: : hola pat
patrick yulo: hahahaahah hows
my little hamster bud

patrick yulo: ??
issadog_102890: : haha
issadog_102890: : happy
patrick yulo: happy?? hahaha
y man?

issadog_102890:  hehe cuz i have a really
good reason to be

issadog_102890: GAGO!
issadog_102890:  haha
Lagz: meaner!
issadog_102890:  haha
issadog_102890:  babby
Lagz:: hmmph!
Lagz:nahurt ko buhoooo
issadog_102890:  about mana nimo!!!!!!!!!!!!
Lagz:hahahahah kalma lang!!!
Lagz:i love you!!!!!
Lagz: chill baby
Lagz:saputon man ka oie
Lagz: ahah

issadog_102890: haha
issadog_102890: ang2
issadog_102890: : di man ko nahan mag drama2 ka
issadog_102890: : ako raman pwede
Lagz:why man????
Lagz:drmatic mn pd ko beh…….
issadog_102890:  aye, aye. kay ma taranta man

Lagz: aye aye!!!!! okie bbe!!!! i know
you love me.

issadog_102890:  hahaa
issadog_102890: : yeah, i do. haha
issadog_102890:  why do you want me to make
your heart melt man babe?

Lagz: cause it feels goooooooooood man
beh! ahahaha kaw talaga!!!

Lagz:: bleh
issadog_102890: then YOU have to make my heart
melt too!!

Lagz:: do i hve tooo???
Lagz: ur heart is always melting man.
eventho i wont do any ahahahahahahah

issadog_102890:  FEELER!!!!
Lagz:: hmmmph!
Lagz: kay di diay!?!?!?
Lagz: i like my stat.
issadog_102890:  haha
issadog_102890: : i miss the couch
issadog_102890:  and TINUOD MAN PERO UNSA BAH

issadog_102890:  haha
issadog_102890:  babe, i’ll change my pic sa
friendster ha?

Lagz: what unsa bah oie!?!?
Lagz: hmmph
Lagz: sure!! why diy!?
Lagz: ahahah
Lagz: ana man jd klh
issadog_102890:  di, i have new pictures man
Lagz:awhhhhhh! okie!!!
Lagz: fine
issadog_102890: and UNSA KA DIRA, AKOA RANG

issadog_102890:  IMU INTAWN
issadog_102890:  WA JUD!
Lagz: hahahahahaha di nman ko kbaw mag
friendster2 babe oie

Lagz: saon!!
Lagz: ka wawa nako oie!!! di man ko kbaw
Lagz: ahah
issadog_102890:  haha
issadog_102890:  saba oie
issadog_102890:  i bet you didn’t even save
our pictures sa imung computer

Lagz: lageh!!! but yeah i will lgeh!!!!
kaw jd!!!!

Lagz: i did!??!!?
Lagz: wanna seee?
Lagz:i have the nice ones
Lagz: wanna bet?.
issadog_102890: hahaha
issadog_102890: : yaw nalang
issadog_102890:  i love you
Lagz: dah dah dah dah dah!!
Lagz: you dont trust me eh
issadog_102890:  haha
issadog_102890:  trust issue diay nah?
issadog_102890:  taka lang
issadog_102890:  patka
issadog_102890: pataka!
issadog_102890:  pataka!
issadog_102890: pataka!
issadog_102890: haha
issadog_102890: HAHAHAHAHAH
issadog_102890:  mangluod diay??
Lagz: hhhhhhhhhmph!!!!
Lagz:you know wht??? i like died for 2


Lagz: and yeah wa mn gd ky slig…..
Lagz: babe!!!!
issadog_102890:  wa diay? wa?
issadog_102890:  taka lang
Lagz: tex lang th!!!! gotta get my cuz nah
ahahaha jet bh!!!!!!!!

Lagz: i know you love me!!
Lagz: text me beh!!!!!
Lagz:textyou wen i get to rypit
issadog_102890: : babe, don’t stay too long at
carlow’s ha?

issadog_102890:  cuz i know you’re tired na
ra bah

issadog_102890:  you need to rest
Lagz:wow!!! ahahah caring!
issadog_102890:  and yeah, you text me first
Lagz: okie bbe!!!!
Lagz: you text me firsty!!!
Lagz: please
issadog_102890: i’ll be busy MAKING YOUR HEART

Lagz: ooooooooooooooooooh?
Lagz: fine fine
Lagz: ahahah
Lagz:i love you so much
Lagz: ahahah
Lagz: il text you wen i get tyhere
Lagz: ahahah
Lagz: bye ok?>??
issadog_102890:  ok ok
issadog_102890: bye
Lagz: bye???
Lagz: mwuh!!
Lagz:love you
issadog_102890:  i love you

and just so you know… HE DIDN’T TEXT ME. someone’s going
to suffer tonight. haha. jk.

haha. yeah,
so i guess the whole world knows and i’m not even scared. i mean, why should i?
i’m not doing anything wrong anyways and if someone wants to know, then i’ll
tell them. i mean, i’m not the boastful kind, i guess i’m the kind of person
who denies issues/ unimportant or important, nonof yourbussiness stuff alot.
but lately, i’ve never denied him. except to my mom but i never gave her
straight answers so it could be ANYTHING, really. right? haha.

last night shocked me. i mean, yeah. haha.i don’t know why but i feel asleep
feeling really thankful. 🙂

i don’t wanna write everything in detail though but the point is, he just makes
me feel really blessed and really happy and high. high on life. and i have
really happy feet now and i just can’t find a good reason to deny it. so
forgive me for being to open about it but i’m INLOVE WITH YOU and i don’t care
what other people think.

my days basically revolve around tennis, tennis friends and james nowadays. i
have tennis in the morning and then tennis in the afternoons. during the day i
usually bum around at ayala with justine [most of the time] and then wait til i
can hang out with james even for just a teensy bit.  usually i only get
like a few minutes with him but every second feels like forever for me. this is
the happiest i’vebeen at least i get to see him. maypa si jet, though. sleep
over. plus he’s with chab right now. proli longer than i got to spend with him,
too :[ hoo humm.

i am soo tired right now and i can’t wait to be wake up tomorrow cuz i have
bible study and i love bible study not ONLY because i get to spend time with
james but because i’m hungry for the Lord. and yeah, i do get fed. lol.

but yeah, i guess i’ll be up making my parents collage. no big. pogi points man

btw, i got new stuff from the states. yey. aside from the things on you see in
the picture, i also got baby phat cologne, slippers [that i don’t like. sorry,
Lord] and a minnie mouse beach towel. i stole the disney shirt, the polka dot
top [but i might give it back. i think it’s weird], the skirt and the undies. but only because they fit me and casey got shit
loads of hand me downs. :p i’m a cheater. i know.

guess what i want? haha.

and the Sketchers Buddha sneakers at Foot Locker. Wait, if
that wasn’t foot locker then that shoe place near The Body Shop.

I’m soo jealous of Casey right now. The bitch got new shoes
and a new racket. She proli wouldn’t even get a new racket either if I hadn’t told

edited.. 😀

i’m lost without u 
Can’t help myself 
How does it feel 
To know that I love u baby 

Tell me how u love me more 
And how u think I’m sexy baby 
That u don’t want nobody else 
U don’t want this girl u don’t want that girl 
Tell me how u love my body 
And how I make u feel baby 

U wanna roll with me u wanna hold with me 
U wanna stay warm and get out of the cold with me 
I just love 2 hear u say it 
It makes a girl feel good baby 
Tell me u depend on me 
I need To  hear it 

Baby you’re the perfect shape 
Baby you’re the perfect weight 
Treat me like my birthday 
I want it this way I want it that way I want it 
Tell me u don’t want me To stop 
Tell me it would break your heart 

bastosa diays uban lyrics ana, sah!? hahaha. [ th

tonight i’m going to fall into bed
with the sound of your voice playing in my head
and you could be saying anything,
i wouldn’t really care
as long as i can hear you’re voice,
i’ll know that you’ll always be there.

i’m beginning to suck.

sorry boys, i’m taken
bugira na kaayu ko. HAHA.

he’s where? haha.
ataya. 😐

issa chua


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