this could easily turn into love

no one even suspects a thing


my back hurts and so does my neck. i have bags under my eyes and i might just fall asleep while typing. but guess who doesn’t care? good guess.

still waiting for the famous bagyo to come and wipe everyone off the face of the earth- but i dount it’s really coming. geez. i’d hate to havta go back to school tomorrow. geez louise. so, maybe i just won’t, simple 🙂

anyways, last night was fun. i went to sto.nino for this retarded party which bore me to death. if seno hadn’t showed up, i think i would’ve samatabhadra is not my crowd, now i know.

so, me and seno just stood under this tree talking while, at the same time, having him blow smoke in my sos, maanad raka.

then mikel caught up with his car and his hot new sound system na gi hambug gyud si amao. hehe. then we went to seno’s house where osting, ken, danton and vince were. oh wait, vince just caught up with us diay. lol. same shit. they brought me back to the party and yeah. the party.

weird thing is, someone there who was from USP came up to me and asked what my number is cuz she and some friends of hers were forming an all girls band and they wanted to know if i was willing to play bass or guitar. i wonder what made me look like i played an instrument. geez. i think i’ll pass though. not into the whole girl band thing. not my thing. but if they’re a big deal then, i could consider being band manager. hehe. una bah.

i’m at granny’s, btw. fun fun. went to colon today to buy candy. candy girl.

i know what i wanna do for the rest of my life. and it’s not sellng candy, thankyouverymuch. <3

so anyways, stayed up ’til 2:50 talking to marc on the phone. nothing serious, just random scary stuff. it was fun. 🙂 thank you, dong. lmao. i know you hate it when i call you that. hehe. let me have my fun. and you owe me a testi!!

ok, i’m dunzoo. sakit gyud akong lawas.

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