This is like killing me…<3


forgive me for i suck at this shit but i’ll just give it a try.

you tried to tempt me, didn’t you?  but seriously, you tempted me. i just don’t wanna tell you.

but yeah you did. it would be so much better if you were infront of me.

issadog_102890: tell me when you’re done, k?
jamez_victor: ahahahahahah okie!!!!! it’s killing me
issadog_102890: haha
issadog_102890: i love you
issadog_102890: youknow, you don’t have to do it
issadog_102890: but you started it naman
issadog_102890: so finish it
issadog_102890: and youll be rewarded
jamez_victor: i know!!!! whatvere!!!
jamez_victor: what will it be?
jamez_victor: hmmmm?
issadog_102890: hmmm

issadog_102890: wait ka lang —>>>mhmmm im excited.
jamez_victor: fine
jamez_victor: bantay btaw

wait, how do i get this purple thing out??? shit…!

Waaaaah babe!!!! i need help.

i’ll see you tomorrow okie? I am mad at you pa byah babe! ahahh jk

i need to stop this nah!! it  loooks odd. what’s wrong with this?

i love you,baby. <3

surprise me tomorrow ,ok?


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