this isn’t good-bye and it never will be

bayot doesn’t know it but i skipped school today to meet up with friends and catch up with her at the airport. i couldn’t let her leave without being able to hug and kiss that bitch. i love her too much to do that. lol.
right now i’m waiting for miss gaitera, the sloth, to come here so we can go to sm or somewhere near there and meet up with cj to say good-bye. whoops. it isn’t goodbye lagi. >:p i unno who else’re going. 5 minutes after 8. where the heck are you, ayana?!

i’m sorry but not guilty.

kev, here’s my side of the story and a little bit of the other sides. lol

ok, but first, i’m not naming anyone. i’m better than that. i know. mom didn’t raise a classless bitch. i won’t do that to her. lmao. anyways, first, i admit my faults.

1. i’m sooo fucking sorry for not backing off. but it really was hard. to be stuck in such a situation as that. and when someone else [hint: haha. secretooo] told me what to do, i admit not doing it because i thought that i could come up with another way to get past things. wrong move. but i’m only human.

2. i admit that it was stupid to tell you the truth. but you wanted it so i gave it to you. and so what if i “thought” i liked him. it’s not like i would EVER go for him. heck, no. [that wasn’t said in an offensive way, btw] i got confused. sorry. i don’t see why you took it the wrong way. there’s a fine line betwee liking and actually going for. i stood behind the liking part and nowhere near the going for. haha

3. haha. that’s what i always say. and i’m sorry if that came out a bit offensive but, hey, we’ll all live. [god, don’t tell me THAT was offensive pud? i come up too strong. deal with it]

4. i admit that i AM sorry but i’m NOT crazy nor am i stupid enough to waste my time telling the whole world how sorry i am and how i wish i could take things back. i have a philosophy and that is, to live life without regret. however, if this is how things’re going to end. i admit, it’ll be such a waste but i’d rather waste it then put myself through heaps of pity and remorse over something that’s already happened.

ok, if that wasn’t enough sorry’s and i admit’s then you can go ahead and tell the world that i’m a boyfriend stealing slut faced whore. i’ll live. i don’t worship highschool drama nor do i try to fix it. i’m passive but only to things that can’t make me a better person. yes, i’ve learned. i’m done learning so why drown in misery? you must think i worshipped people. honey, i like being passive.
here’s the story kev. i got stuck between a bad breakup. people say that i was one of the reasons. [note: ONE of the MANY reasons. kung bogo mo. reread that line] and, maybe i was. but i was only truthfully trying to help since i alrady got caught in the middle anyways. maybe people thought that i got in the middle cuz we we’re texting alot that time that they we’re doing soo well and shit. but no. i got caught since, well, that’s history. and that wasn’t my fault! plus, the only thing we’d talk about mosta the time, that time was about his problem and what he needed to solve. haha. are you getting this? anyways, so yeah. they broke up. it’s been like a month since that break up but seems like the whole world just found out a few days ago. egos, reps for whatever the reasons were of why they kept it on the down low for such a long time, i don’t know and i don’t care. really. anywho, so stupid me and stupid honesty and stupid trust [no, see the problem was the lack of it. or the abuse rather] i kinda told someone that i kinda liked the guy overtime [after the break up] but like, i didn’t mean it in a way na i’d steal him [god, you know im better than that.] or anything. you know those confused feelings where you like him but no, not really. you like the company, the friendship but you wouldn’t date him, not in a million fucking years kinda thing? yeah, that.

and i learned the had way, ex-girlfriends and the harsh world don’t mix. lmao. i don’t know what happened really. i know that people are pissed at me though because they all pretend to care or whatever. and that some people are just plain gay and love messing.

but i don’t care. if it’s about reps.. what rep?

no regrets.they’ll take me nowhere. besides, i know the story, my true friends know the story. that’s enough justice on my part. and that;s all. amen.

i miss you, kev. glad you keep in touch. hugs.

p.s. when you come back. i want stuff 😀 jp 

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