This Long Road

I always appreciate the long talks I share with Paolo. Well, not all of them are long especially when we have good music playing in the background because I always phase out. But nevertheless, most of the conversations I have with him are good ones.

Earlier in the car we happened to talk about relationships and how hard they can be. I shared how I always figured that if it’s a relationship you’re supposed to be in then it wouldn’t be so complicated. If it’s a relationship that you’re “meant” to be in then it wouldn’t involve so much drama.

But then again, who am I to talk right?

And then I realized how lucky I am right now to have all the things that I have right now. Actually, I realize it all the time but you know, it was just one of those days when you find yourself sitting in the car and you think that there is nothing else you could want because you have it all.

I also realized that it took a long time to get here- to actually be this happy. It took a lot of loosing and finding myself. A million tears and laughs. Lessons learned and battles fought. But it seems like it all paid off. Or it’s too soon to tell..

Life has been good to me and I shouldn’t complain. People may look at their lives and wonder why life is unfair but life’s like that. And it gets crappy and it gets better. But we always sow what we reap. We always do.


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