this smell is just waaay to familiar

Love is crazy
Pretty baby
Take it real slow
My feelings show

so i’ve been talking to this guy lately, i don’t know if i’ve mentioned him here yet but his name’s justin, i’ve gone out with him like 2 times already. the first time, last wednesday, he came over and picked me up then we had coffee. and then the second time, he just hung out with me and my friend at city sports. he’s really fun to talk to and everything. i enjoy talking to him so much it’s crazy. like i talk to him about really stupid stuff and it’s not even weird or embarassing. i could talk to him for hours and not even notice it. it makes me really happy.

every time people find out we’re texting though, i always get a common notion about him. so, i really really don’t know. i don’t wanna base our friendship on other people’s judgements of him though. i was never that kind. and you know me, if you tell me not to touch a live wire, i’d touch it anyway just because i have to find out for myself.

so anyways, it was really stupid cuz like i was saturday drinking with friends and he text messaged me to go home and oddly, i did. i don’t even know why. and when i got home, i felt kinda stupid cuz i listened to him. hahaha. but then it wasn’t that bad. we ended up talking all night and it was just fun, you know? i just won’t let him manipulate me like that next time :))

idk, we’ll see where this goes. he’s really cute though. and i like the fact that he’s constantly trying to hang out with me but then i’d feel bad cuz i never have the time too. just hope he understands that. and aside from that, i heard this really nasty rumor about him that’s kinda making me scared. but apparently, i like getting electricuted so i’ll proli have to keep you posted.

i just remember how hard it is when everything’s starting out. i guess i’m just really scared. but i told myself i wouldn’t let the past affect the future. who knows, this could be something really good.

i think i’m seeing him again tomorrow. can’t wait 😀


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