To An Old Friend

I thought about you today. Not just today, in fact, I think about you a lot.

I think about how our friendship was and what it was like to be able to call you at anytime and just talk about the most random things. But I mostly miss talking about the serious things.

A lot of times I miss our friendship because let’s acknowledge for at least once-  we had a pretty good run. And I’ll be honest, losing you was one of the toughest friendships I had to let go of but I know it was meant to be. But at the same time, losing you also taught me that if I could let go of someone like you who stuck by me for so many years, I could let go of the petty friendships I felt obligated to keep. And now, the only friends I keep are the ones who I know will last. They are few but they are my world.

Truthfully, the thought of you irritates me but it’s no longer because of what you did- it’s now because I miss you. I hate not knowing what’s going on in your life, I hate you not knowing what’s going on in mine. I hate that we live so close by and yet we never run into each other. I hate that we are strangers. Strangers once again.

Please don’t take this as a piece offering because we are better off on our own sides of the world and I owe you nothing. But if this open letter makes it way to you, I would want you to know that you are in my thoughts and you are missed. My memories may be clouded by the good and the bad but on most days, I still think about calling you.

I don’t really know why I’m writing this but I’ve thought about it for a while and maybe I should just get it over with. Maybe when this is done, I can completely let go of the thought of you.

So I wish you happiness and content. I wish you success and peace. I wish you friendships that do not falter like ours did. And lastly, I wish you love. Because no matter happens, you deserve it.


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