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So happy to be back blogging! I had to take a short hiatus on account of Paolo’s short trip to the hospital but no worries, we’re alive; kicking and better than ever!

This week taught me a lot about the importance of having a healthier lifestyle especially with Paolo being diagnosed with Enteric Colitis which was definitely not easy to have to watch him endure. And now that I’m fully committed to providing him with the healthiest meals in accordance to his new non spicy, non dairy, non oily diet; I am so glad that Toniq Juice is around to help me pack Paolo with all the healthy stuff he needs!


Toniq believes that health is a lifestyle and not just a mere diet- it’s the right mixture of proper consumption of food, exercise and getting proper amounts of rest.

With the many products and services under this brand, a healthier and better version of yourself can easily be attained. I noticed that everyone’s been so into juicing nowadays and it’s refreshing to find that at Toniq, they have more to offer such as salad jars, healthy snacks and my favorites- the popsicles and sorbets!

Being healthy has never been this fun!


You can find out more about Toniq Juice on their official website or through their Facebook page.

You can also drop by their store located in SM City Cebu or have them deliver them straight to your doorstep via FoodPanda.

And now for some outfit shots!




[Top: Custom made| Necklace: Borrowed from mom| Skirt: Let’s Stylize| Heels: Parisian (SM Department Store]

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4 Replies to “Toniq Juice Party”

  1. Hey Issa,
    In behalf of our team I would like to thank you for the attendance to our launch and for this lovely blogpost.

    Im so sorry to hear about Paulo’s condition, its never good to hear about people in pain and having the stress of being in the hospital, for him and the family…

    Luckily there is hope! With the right dietary changes everything can get healed. It all depends on dedication and mindset. Considering that its a gut flora problem my advice would be to incorporate probiotics into your food. Some examples are: yoghurt, kim-chi, miso soup or my personal favorite tuba..
    next up would be eating more of the wonder medicine Turmeric (local name dulaw) one of the cheapest medicinal plants in the PH. It does wonders for ulcers and the overal gut flora. Its even scientifically proven to kill many forms of cancer especially colon related.
    Another local widely available plant medicine is Aloe Vera (local name sabila). The inner gel of the aloe plant can be eaten raw or processed in a tasty juice. The slimy gel will line your stomach and enhance your colons working. You would be amazed that most people actually have Aloe in their garden and never thought of using it. To process it into juice just cut of the skin, add the meaty gel into a blender with lime/calamansi water and a added for flavor a sugar form. Preferably honey, because it will help with fighting inflammation.

    For more information on how to heal your gut and colotis naturally please read the following.

    1. Hi! Thank you sooo much for this! I’ve been racking my brain trying to figure out what’s best for Paolo right now. haha. I’m planning on dropping by SM some time next week or when my schedule is a little bit more open, I want to get him some juice since he’s not an avid vegetable or “healthy” eater although at this point- he really doesn’t have any choice! :))

      I’ll see you soonest! Also, I’ve updated this entry with clickable links to your website and Facebook account. I forgot to do it last night, maybe cuz I was blogging soo late. hee.

      1. I hope I’ve given you some good information that can help you and Paolo on his journey to recovery. We hope him all the best.
        As with most things, Don’t it always seem to go that you don’t know what you’ve got ’til it’s gone (yeaah Janet Jackson!). Health is your most valuable asset. Even if sometimes it seems overwhelming with all the choices in food what exactly is good to eat. Stick with those things healthy and good for you. We are here to help you and everyone else to educate and facilitate the journey into a healthy lifestyle..

        Did you know, you actually don’t need to go outside to get a chance to get our products.
        For just 50 pesos delivery charge Foodpanda will bring it door-to-door anywhere in Cebu within the hour.
        Find us here @

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