trainwrecks, car crashes and not falling in love

my beautiful sem break has officially come to an end and now i have officially been sucked back into this dreadful reality. lol. it’s been a mixture of good and bad since school came back. i don’t know but i noticed that i’m found of weighing things. forgive the habbit ;]

so yeah, the bad:
i actually did fail PHYSICS. i mean who the hell fails physics. I’m so bummed i actually have to take that stupid class AGAIN. i hate this. plus this means i have to go home on my own every MWF. i hate commuting

the good:
i’m in Hannah’s class so at least i won’t be a complete  L O S E R

the bad:
school is so tiring

the good:
we’re still on “hsopital” duty so it’s basically us re learning our skills which is a good thing because i heard we actually have to do parentheral procedures and i failed my return demo. and plus i heard we have to de-louse some kids and that’s… bad.

the bad:
i officialy have no life

the good:
i get to concentrate on school.

the good:

i guess i am kinda happy about the fact that i have school again and that my life is basically back to normal again. this way, i’m distracted from a lot of things and i don’t have time in my life to worry about things i’m not supposed to be worrying about in the first place, you know?

it’s just so surreal to me that i’m actually going to start working in the community next week basically because, i can’t imagine myself doing something i don’t want to do. sure, i know this whole nursing thing will pay off but it’s not something i see myself doing in the future. I still try to look into the future and it’s always a different picture from the one i’m heading towards now. I want the life i see everytime i close my eyes but with all this nursing, i just don’t have the time to actually seek out for it. then again, maybe it will have it’s own time. i mean, if it’s meant for me, it’s meant for me, right? gaaah. no more drama, please. i need to study 🙁

anyways, i pulled a really bad joke today on keenan and i think he felt really bad about it. this is the first time he actually didn’t talk to me and believe me, i’ve done a lot of really really mean things to him… i can be a total bitch sometimes. but he’ll snap out of it. i think it’s actually kinda dumb about how he reacted. i mean, we do those sort of things ALL the time. i guess he’s just mad he couldn’t get back at me. maybe cuz it was barely impossible since it was in front of the dean. lol.

ok gtg seriously. i love and miss you

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