[Red Beanie: H&M| Trench Coat: Surplus Shop| Flats: SM Department Store]

[Striped long sleeves: Thrifted| Canvas shorts: Forever21| Belt: YRYS]

[Ring: Unisilver Jewelry| Necklace: Vintage| Watch: Fossil]

I was *this* close to not posting these pictures. I wore this outfit on the day of the super typhoon Yolanda since we were bored while waiting for the electricity to come back on and I went out to have dinner with Paolo. I didn’t want to be insensitive about the whole topic but… how else am I supposed to explain why I wore this trench coat without making Yolanda my excuse? #committedblogger

ย This is the last you’ll probably see of my trench coat… unless I finally get a passport and take myself somewhere far away, cold and weather appropriate.

Ang init dito, mehn!


4 Replies to “Trenched”

    1. As happy as I am that it doesn’t snow in the Philippines, I won’t deny that I grab every opportunity I can to wear boots, jackets and layers. haha.Manglaag nalang ta ug freezer, Khon! ๐Ÿ™‚

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