Tropic Thunder ϟ

I’m really glad that summer is here and that it’s the season for cropped tops and short shorts. It’s freakishly every where in Cebu and if I couldn’t go to work in shorts and a shirt, I seriously think I would have dropped dead by now.

Work is definitely going to keep me preoccupied this summer so I doubt I’m going to have any legit escapades this year. I’m really bummed because Paolo and I won’t be able to make it to our annual Bohol trip for our friends birthday and I could definitely use the beach!

But if I’m not going to be able to make it to the beach, I might as well feel like I’m there anyways! I’m really happy that I was persistent on buying these shorts at Gaisano Carcar for P250.00 (I’m really a cheap skate like that, yeah?). It took me two weeks of convincing and weird dreams to actually get that and I’m actually really glad that I did.

Sometimes it can be a bit hard to buy (who am I kidding, that’s the fun part) and actually put multiple outfits together with pieces that are so big and bold because they’re soo memorable but hopefully, I’ll be able to use these shorts more than once. We’ll see. You’ll see. #waitforit haha

As for my top, would you believe that I had it made in 20 minutes?? Yes friends.,I am finally taking advantage of the family business and using it to my own selfish advantages. hehe. It’s a very repetitive yet simple process. I take a bath, pick out what I want to wear, realize that I don’t actually have that piece of clothing, run to our production area, ask our head sewer to whip it up for me (she knows my measurements) and in a few minutes I’m out the door! But actually, before that our sewers make me walk around and show them what I’m wearing. They get a kick out of me actually dressed up and not in house clothes. Go figure.


It’s the babeforfood! 🙂

I had a really rough day at work and decided that I was done. Thank the Gods in the heavens that Justinne was at home mixing so I decided to crash her place.

Here are some random photos of us fooling around:

 See you guys later at the Sprockets Cafe for the Create Your Own Brownie Cake! #cyobc I’m going to coerce Justinne into giving me that overnight stay and THEN, I’m going to win first place at Slogos night… because I can.


Issa Perez

p.s. Sorry for the sloppy writing. My head is so weird today.

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  1. Mother of all brownies! Those are the worst recent photos of me! Hahaha. Thanks for hanging out at my kitchen though! That’s not gonna be your last! Love you! 😉

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