Ukulele. Food. Travel: Uke Hub Kafe, Mactan

Mactan, other than it being an entry way for visitors into our beautiful island, is a great representation of what Cebu’s culture is really like. With most of the beaches being on this island, it would be no surprise how much of an influence music plays in our culture. After all, we have been recognized time and again for our outstanding craftsmanship when it comes to guitar manufacturing.

When it comes to Cebu and guitars… or in this case, ukuleles, there’s one particular brand that comes to mind- Susing’s Guitars. This humble yet extraordinary establishment has been creating top quality guitars and instruments since 1990 and have now  decided to create a hub for travelers, locals and lovers of music and food here in Cebu!

Uke Hub is located along the airport road of Mactan (across Ricos Lechon) and is the perfect place to chill, listen to good music, learn how to play a new instrument, spend a crafty afternoon, dine and drink!

As I spent an entire afternoon there, I pictured myself as a backpacker waiting for my next flight out or me and Paolo drinking coffee and gushing over their wide selection of ukulele’s that you can even take out and play.


They offer a few meal variations such as pastas and sandwiches which are freshly made and are absolutely filling! I was able to sample the lasagna and Hungry Harry’s sandwiches specialty piece, the Cubano Cebuano, and I was left wanting more… which is completely fine though cuz I totally brought that sandwich home with me 😉

Lasagna – P 120.00

Cubano Cebuano – P 165.00


Our visit, more than to check out the place and try out their food, was mostly to indulge in an afternoon of craftsmanship and merry making. In more appealing terms, I actually went there to paint my own Ukulele and actually learn how to play it! 🙂 It was such a relaxing afternoon with my friends from the media and the best part about it, was that I got to go home with my very own Ukulele! If you want to see/ hear me play it, check out my podcast here.

Uke Hub also offers these design your own ukulele sessions and playing lessons at a very reasonable fee of  P1,000.00 including art supplies and your own ukulele so you and your friends can spend an afternoon getting crafty and learning to play them after.


Posing with our finished products with Kiddie Rodaje & Carlo Olano.

Make sure to follow Uke Hub Kafe on Facebook and Instagram to get details about any upcoming shows, craft sessions, meal & drink additions and more! <3

I’m Yourssss,

Issa P.

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