very serious

issa: i’m taking the survey VERY
seriously. HAHA

1. “Gusto kita kya lang mahal ko pa
– just tell me straight. i’m not good
enough to be with you.

2. “mahal ko kayong dalawa”
– yeah, and you also love your dick.
what’s your point?

3. “sorry. ndi n kita mahal eh.”
– yeah, you’re just saying that now cuz
you’re tired of me. but just you wait,

4. “ikw me kasalanan kung bat tau
– yeah, and I’m also the reason why the
sky is blue and why dogs bark too, aren’t i?

5. “ikw mahal ko. ndi ko mahal gf/bf
– really?1 so explain to me again why
you’re with HER and not with me?!

6. “i think i’m falling for u..”
– fall lang dira.

7. “bkt ngaun k lang dumating s buhay
– ikaw? nganu karun raman sad ka naabot?

8. “kelangan ko ng space..”
– then if that’s what you want then
you’ll get it!

9. “sorry pero tapos n tau.”
– karun pa ka? ka late gud nimo.

10. “Kaibigan ko xa. ayokong mag-away
kami ng dahil sayo..”
– pag pinatyanay nalang diay mo? HAHAHA.
no, seriously, don’t. i’ll do you a
favor, i’m OUT.

11. “Ano b talaga gus2 mong palabasin?”
– mahirap to, ah. lol
na mahal kita, GAGO!

12. “bukas na lang tayo mg-usap. pg-
iisipan ko muna.”
– no, what ever it is you’re thinking
right now, i wanna hear it RIGHT NOW.

13. “sana maging masaya k s kanya..”
– yeah cuz he makes me happier than
you’ll be able to make me.

14. “bat ndi pwedeng maging tau?”
– because it takes 2 people who like
each other to be in a rel. and sorry
but.. we just don’t qualify

15. “nagseselos ako…”
– awh. now you know how it feels like.

16. “mahal mo p b ako?”
– what do YOU think?

17. “sorry na oh…pls..
– i want jewelry.

18. “mahal n kita…”
– na?nganu, gahapon diay? wa?!

19. “Mahihintay m b ako?”
– you’re not worth MY time.

20. “Pano kya kung tau pa?”
– then i’d be in a relationship not
worth being in.

21. “Patunayan mong mahal mo ko…
– isn’t what i’ve been doing ENOUGH?!

22. “Gimmick tau”
– id prefer, you wanna hang out sometime
but.. ok.

23. “Pwedeng makuha # mo?”
– why?

24.”In love ako sayo…”
– thank you?

25. “Pwede ktang twagan mamaya?”
– depends. if i’m into you, i’ll be free
tonight. if i’m not, i plan to be sick

26. “Aalis GF/BF ko sa Saturday…
pwede ka ba?”
– sorry, i’m better than that.

27. “kamusta araw mo?”
– regualar. what significance does it
have in YOUR life?

28. “sorry kung Hindi ako nktxt sau..
la n Kong credits eh..
– sure, whatever.

29. “Buti nlng nkilala kita…”
– yeah, i tend to have such a grat
effect in people’s lives. HAHAH.

30. “ano cel# mo?”
– ask someone else.

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