[VLOG] Adobers Studios Unspoken Rules Season Two: Maling Akala ft. The Best of Cebu

GAAAH! 2nd acting gig in a month/ in my life! I seriously thought that acting was something I just wanted to be growing up but actually being able to get a glimpse of it is really more surreal than anything else I’ve ever imagined!

Thank you so much to Adober Studios and the wonderful team behind it for coming to Cebu and hand picking me to play the part of this… unsa man ju’y description aning ate girl, ha?

Do I share any similarities to my character? Yes & no. But you know, no one would be interested to know about that and my feet are killing me so I’ll save it for a podcast or something. 😀

Let me know what you think about my acting chomps! Should I do this again or stick to my day job?

Blogging from Taipei,
Issa P.

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