I have:

2 fathers, 2 mothers (at a time, 3), 2 sisters, 3 brothers which means that I am spoiled with love and affection. I may not have seen it that way at first but nothing is more clear to me than this now.

As my previous sentence suggests,  obviously being a part of a broken/ blended/ new age/ modern family was something that I struggled with growing up but as I got older and as I began to understand why people are they way they are and why things are the same way, I came to the realization that: it’s only a problem if you perceive it as one.

I mean think of it in this perspective: why would I complain about having an abundance of the greatest thing in the world, a family, when some people never even have the privilege of having one? There are people in the world who want nothing else but a family and here I am doubled in it.

There’s really nothing to be sad about. I am #blessed.

But I wanted to share this post with you, my friends, if in case you are going through some tribulations in your life right now. Growing up, I had my mom & my papa to talk to and they always made me see the clearer picture especially when I couldn’t but I understand that many of you don’t. But I’m here and I might know what you’re going through so don’t feel like you have to carry the weight of the world on your shoulders. I am always here to listen…

Hope this helps,
Issa P.

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