Walls and Spaces feat. Jing Pascual Photography


Jing Pascual and Jade Caballo (who I will be featuring next) have always been my favorite resident photographers. From the time we shot in the graffiti plastered streets of Cebu to when when we captured A Little Piece of Sky, these two have turned from strangers into trusted friends and I am always game when they invite me out to fun shoots.

This time around, we decided to scour the understated streets of downtown Cebu, where we found an abandoned building with amazing pieces of art that would be the background of our next shoot.

The best thing I ever learned when it comes to dressing in humid temperatures is to dress light and since I am a bit darker than your typical Chinese woman, I’ve come to realize that wearing white makes a great contrast for my sun loving skin tone. (Morena’s forever!) So when you come to think about it, it’s really like  hitting two birds with one stone!

I hope everyone enjoys these first set of photos as much you enjoy the thought of getting butt faced drunk over cheap vodka on the sea shore. Oh wait, maybe that’s just me. :>

Next set coming soon! <3





photography backdrops








Top: Department store| Shorts: Abercrombie| Sneakers: Adidas

Power to fly: Many years of practice and concentration


Issa P.

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