What I Wore To Influencity: A Social Media Influencers’ Fair + Judging My Own Outfits

I wonder if people on the online world still consider me as a fashion blogger considering that my content has been so diverse, even I don’t really know what to consider myself these days! But fashion has always been something I’ve loved despite feeling so restricted by it. I live in a tropical country and I live for layers & coats- you do the math. -_- but fashion, food, travel or whatever else in between, it was an honor to be invited to Influencity’s first run!

Influencity is a 2-day lifestyle bazaar created to bring together style bloggers, beauty gurus and social media influencers all in one event. It aims to provide an avenue for influencer-follower interaction, promote partner brands and present collaborative work opportunities between influencers and brands. Furthermore, Influencity aims to bolster camaraderie among influencers from different blogging groups and social media platforms.

For this event, I wanted to be somewhat chic but comfortable at the same time but I often find myself looking back at my fashion choices and asking myself why I decided to leave the house looking like that. I’m over critical, it’s in my blood but I often wait til the last minutes to do so.

In retrospect, I would’ve worn a different, form fitting top instead of this lazy white round neck shirt. I feel like I’m not giving my body that much of a silhouette with the baggy blazer & baggy shirt which is probably why these photos never made it on my Instagram. Oiii, Instagram consciousssss. lol.

But my heels are the best. I need more outfits in these heels. I love these heels!

Blazer: Ukay| Top: Hanes| Skirt: Forever21| Kitty heels: Maggie’s Box


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