What I Wore To Sun Star’s Best of Cebu (Ft. A Fashion Woe)

Last Friday I attended my first ever Sun Star Best of Cebu party. After being unable to attend in the past years, I decided that I needed a Friday off (while I still could) and dressing up to go to a party was the best way for me to blow off some work related steam. It was raining hard that night so I figured that a nice thick overcoat would do the trick, it was so chic, I had only worn it once, I was dying to take it out again and tonight felt likeĀ theĀ night.

Have I drawn your attention away from that stupid gold choker necklace I’m wearing? God, I hope so.

Honestly, I hate myself for not taking something off before leaving home. I always said I would. Ugh, I hate myself so much. More so that I let myself be photographed in it before finally deciding to take it off before heading to play BINGO with my grandmother. I’m so stupid sometimes.

No lessons to give here, only lessons to be learned.

Frustratedly Yours,
Issa P. & Miguel, the dinosaur

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