What To Wear? Back To School Special

Unfortunately, summer doesn’t last forever. Unless you live in a place where it’s summer all year round. But then, that would take the fun out of everything especially in terms of fashion.
I used to love the Philippines’ sunny-that-could-go-on-forever weather but (and I don’t know if it’s always been like this or if I just FINALLY started paying attention), I’m starting to love the shifts from summer to the rainy season. It allows me to go back to my first love, layering, leggings and BOOTS! Plus, I think we could all take a break from all the heat and the overload of bralets, midriffs and skimpy shorts. :>

And come the end of summer embarks the start of school for a lot of you young-ins and the nothing-to-look-forward-to’s for us boring, overworked oldies. L So for the youth, I’d like to share a few back to school tips of mine when getting ready for school and some back-to-school looks you can use especially when trying to make a first impression on the first day of school. I’m also including some make-up videos we shot 2 years ago (wow, time flies!) with Cebu Youtube   Make up Gurus Noe Villagee of colorismyweapon, Pearl of Doll Face Cosmetics and Janna of Makeup by Janz  also featuring Strawberry clothing– all whom I miss dearly!
–          Be aware of your school’s dress code [you don’t want to get locked out on the first day of school]
–          Dress to impress! [Class is always the key]
–          … And for the occasion
–          Go for comfort
–          Never be afraid to wear a smile
–          Always keep it simple while still making a statement
So here are my personal choices. Lemme know what you think!
What are your first day of school looks? Share them at: jeanlouiseperez@yahoo.com and get featured on issaplease.blogspot.com J
Good luck,

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