What Would Taylor Wear?

I should probably post this before it becomes outdated.

Damn it, I’m always doing that- waiting too long to post ’til it becomes inappropriate.


When I wore this outfit (months ago!!), Cebu was still going through its crazy, weird weather where it would be raining one moment and them BOOM! it would be raining sweat the next. And well, with weather like that, you really don’t know what to expect. So instead, you prepare.

Moments like these are when I try my best to cover myself enough if things go south, I can easily cover myself up with a cardigan or a scarf.

And how convenient was it that I had a striped top that matches my skater skirt? Coincidence? I think not. #outfitplanning

For anyone who came here to see something wonderful of some sort and ended up seeing this dreary post of an outfit, maybe I should apologize.

But if Taylor Swift can get away dressed in something so simple and yet still look fab, then so can I!

Taylor Swift's The Great Catsby Cat sweater

I’m seriously going to attempt this look!




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