What’s Happening @ #HyperCebu

Hey guys! I just came back from #HyperCebu at the Baseline!

For those who haven’t gone yet, it’s totally fine! You still have about… 24++ hours or so before the event ends. (It’s 9:00 pm now, it ends at 9:00 pm tomorrow so I think my math is just about right. haha) So if you’re wondering what’s going on there, here’s a photo dump of what I experienced this afternoon:


Faith De Guzman

Liz Dumdum

Neil San Pedro

Gillian Uang

Rabsin dela Cruz

Dawn Sy & Sophia Sanchez

Their pre-loved items are sold for as long as P50.00! I got myself an origami skirt from Gillian for P100.00- it was totally worth it!

For those who are wondering, I am not selling my pre-loved clothes HOWEVER, I do have something big coming up next month so heads up on that 😉


Go Rage @goragesocks

The Graphic Tee Shop

Snap Ltd.


Filthy Project

Island Souveneirs

Knick Knackery




Grub Street

Azul (Tuslob Buwa)

Everything Bacon

FaiRy’s Foodboth


Now for my #HyperOOTD

Cellphone pouch used as a bag from Digi Babe

Clothes from Citi Wear

Here are a few of my tips when dressing up for a Rave party/ Bazaar/ Outdoor event:

– Be prepared to sweat. It is an outdoor event after all.

– Keep your valuables close & Pack light. I chose to carry around my cellphone pouch/bag and just keep my money in it so I didn’t have to carry a heavy bag while trying out clothes and looking at the stalls.

– Be comfortable. You will be walking around for hours plus the occasional pit stops when you run into friends so it’s a good idea to prioritize your comfort if you don’t wanna end up going early.

– Come with a budget. Don’t ask how much I spent today. I didn’t come with a budget…

– Have lots of fun!

Summer’s almost over for most of us so let’s try to make the most out of it!

Thank you #HyperTeam for the opportunity for us bloggers to meet up with our readers and just have a good time!

‘Til the next!



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  1. Great post twin!!! Well covered and very timely! Also loved your very hippie outfit 🙂 and thanks for helping met setup. <3

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