what’s your flavah?

ok, so i’ve checked one activity of mylist for today. yey! lmao.

well, so far, my morning has been, ok. yeah, just ok.

well, at first i thought it would be really terrible cuz yeah.. this is a blush moment for me, but like always, i’m over it. cuz yeah, me and chub decided to walk from IT park to Sancase cuz.. basically cuz we were bored. SUMMER TRIP! lmao. and yeah, anyways, we we’e walking along TESDA and BAM! i slipped sa gutter thinggy and i scream so loud, everyone saw. including the people in the cars. god. i guess it wouldn’t be soo bad if i didn’t shout. but, yeah. i’ve been blessed with a big mouth. lol.
well, i was freaked about it for like, a minute and then, i got over it. haha. and anne cried after falling off her chair in the canteen. pffft.  public display of stupidty much? anyways, i’m over it.

then, paulo o. [chab’s lover boi.. not!] went to visit sancase. maypa si paulo naka visit, si JET intawn! you better be reading this, punk!  and yeah, he got there right after tennis ended. lmao. he missed chub. aww, shucks. get over it! lmao. he and his friend, francis, who’s now my friend met up because, i unno. random get togethers for the able. lmao. kath, visit me again. i miss you so yeah. francis was quiet. not bad looking. ok, i guess. but i’m not looking for a guy. i have patrick freaking me out enough. haha. this kid keeps flattering me. it’s.. scary.

** btw, me and francis have been texting. paulo thought we’d be good together. i wonder when he died and proclaimed himself as cupid. lmao. no. i don’t like him. i just look at him as a friend. but he hasn’t texted me back. lmao. i probably reach his standards. he probably wants a slut. oh well, i want a man. i’m over it.. like i always am. i have aprom date. lmao.**

so paulo, walked me to IT park. he was supposed to drop me home, but you know i wouldn’t let me do that. seriously. anyways, we stopped by convenience 24/7 to buy popcorn and coke! yey. but when i got home, there were like, 3 coke cans in the fridge! what a total waste of 22 bucks.lmao.

anyways, i’m just online to send shit to petron for my mom. roar. being nice bites.

unless you get something out of it.


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