When You Take Away The Safety Net In Your Life, Life Becomes More Challenging And Scary But You Can Do Better Things

Thanks to Gizelle for posting this quote from Hithcock which served as my inspiration for the week that went by!
To counter my manic depression, I decided to trash the grieving streak I went through [no pictures of that, sorry] and decided to dress like life was going to be kind to me. I guess I figured that if I’m not going to believe in myself then nobody else is going to, right?
Apple green sweater: Thrifted| Salmon Pajama Pants: IT Park Bazaar| Shoes: SM Department Store| Beanie: H&M
Opted for bright and playful colors for the chilly weather since it was raining when I wore this- good thing too, cuz Cebu’s sporadic weather proved that I have to dress like I’m ready for it’s bipolarity. Who else is having this problem?
Fashionwise, I don’t think any other blogger is going to forgive me for wearing a baggy sweater with baggy pants because rule of thumb is to proportion everything. Loose top = tight bottoms and vice versa. But I’m going to dress any way I like and I wanted comfort, as always and well, is there any other excuse for being lazy?
My moods swings. Bow.

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