where’s your pride?

i have PMS. :[ so lately everything’s been a bitch. i feel like my life is functioning properly anymore, too. haha.

today i only smoked 3 cigarettes. i know that that’s already alot considering the fact that i used to only smoke like 4 cigarettes in a month. sometimes i would go for months without hold a since one but i still consider it an achievement nevertheless.

i got caught drinking last week and i finally got my nameplate. I had to get sermonized before i got it back though and i also have to submit myself to little old College of nursing lady on wednesday with a longer skirt apparently because the one i have now is waay too short. If i fail to comply, i won’t be able to take my finals. FUCKIT. i liked my short short skirt 😀

things with me and him [whom i have NEVER mentioned here until today] are doing really good. he drops by the house when he can and he’s more like a best friend more than anything. not the best friend though, i just said like. haha. i mean, we do kiss and stuff but for some reason,i stay away from it a bit cuz sometimes it’s just kinda weird, you know? like for the longest time we were JUST friends and now we’re not. i mean, not much has changed, i’ll tell you that, but you still have to adjust to little things that have.

my social life is basically revolved around condequent debuts and soccer practices. i hang out mostly with my soccermates because they smoke outside school where i smoke and yeah, i like hanging out with them. you’d think i wouldn’t considering the fact that they’re younger but no, i think they’re fun to hang out with so most of the time, i don’t mind if i’m not with nina anymore.

i bought a beanie and those nerdy glasses and this made me happy.

i’m craving for ruffles with sour cream and cheese. but mostly i just wish i was out. this is so boring.

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