White Dresses, Pale Lips… Until Alex Saw Me.



Life is always better with a pop of color, or in my case- lots of it, which explains why I cannot maintain a color schemed Instagram feed. Yep, I’m still pretty bummed out about that! HAHA. But in this case, I tried to mellow it out a bit by sporting an all white ensemble with neutral colors and little make up. Of course, I just had to ask my best friend to take my outfit shots and she would not let me leave until I put lipstick on. (Continue reading to fully understand what I’m talking about…)

On regular days, I’m always opting for clothes that are easy to wear and require very little maintenance. I only pull out the big guns when I have extra time on my hands or if I’m headed to an event. Cebu is a very laid back city so I try not to be as loud as possible when it comes to dressing up-  just stylish enough to catch people’s attention but not make them question what I’m doing with my life. hahaha

On this particular day, I chose to wear this white neoprene dress matched with my favorite white heels. Neoprene, although it can get a bit warm, is a great material not only for bikinis but for apparel, as well. It’s great for keeping the structure of fabrics especially is you want something boxier or with more of a silhouette.



Now for the fun part!

I’m not a big fan of lipstick because I have extremely dry lips and I like to peel my skin off for fun so putting lipstick on just dries it out. Fortunately, my best friend sells amazing make up at the Dara Beauty Market and she’s always hooking me up with awesome products to help address my beauty needs. You can check out most of the products I use here

I just started using the Peri’s Tint Marker and  it’s easily become a favorite of mine. It’s easy to use, it sticks and it doesn’t dry out my lips convincing me that lip tint is the way to go for chappy girls like me.

Make sure to check out Dara Beauty Market for more make up!




Neoprene dress & necklace: @Voidonlineshop| Sandals: Zalora| Bag: Dooney & Bourke



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