White On White ft. Zalora

There’s something magical about a pristine white dress. There are no words for that exact moment when you walk in, heads turn and it dawns upon how powerful a piece of fabric can actually be.

Lots of women have that one dress that “makes” them like J.Lo’s Versace dress; Lady Gaga’s meat ensemble, Audrey Hephburn’s timeless Breakfast at Tiffany’s look and the list goes on and on. Truthfully, if anyone’s going to remember me in anything, I honestly wouldn’t mind if it was this one. Sure, it’s not a wedding dress or anything, but it I might as well marry it!

I like to say that, “it’s the person that makes the outfit” but sometimes, it’s also the other way around and this dress has by far got to be my best pick-me-up-dress that I like to keep hidden for extra special days. Despite the off-shoulder trend being a big hit in the markets lately, I do not fear the day that this dress becomes a fashion faux pas especially because unlike other renditions of the shoulder baring look, this dress is timeless. It doesn’t hurt that it cost me less than a thousand pesos either.

Dress: Zalora| Watch: Michael Kors| Shades: Rayban| Heels: H&M


Issa P.

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