Why I Can’t Let You Go…


i say this with all modesty.. this is one hell of a gay blog :))

you know that feeling you get when the world stops and for a split second, you just don’t care? Ever had that sensation where the whole world could be dying but the only thing that matters is you and that moment?
i used to get that feeling with him before but after a while, his name just didn’t make me smile anymore and those feelings that i felt so strongly for him just disappeared.
well, i’ve found that feeling again and it’s not with a boy or alcohol or candy. it’s when i’m on the court and playing a good game. it’s when i make all the good moves after not playing for a year and congratulating myself by saying, “You’ve still got it in you.”
It’s that feeling i get when i feel invincible and that there is nothing anyone can say or do to ruin anything for me.
It’s this high inside of me and it feels like i’m suddenly controlling my life and i can do anything.
and quite frankly, i love it.
i don’t know why i stopped playing but i am again and it’s just been great for me.

except for one tiny thing. i have to commute. 🙁

ok so gay post over.

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