Would You Just PLEASE Keep My World Spinning?

January 29. 2007

    haha. for some weird reason, i like the title.
    i don’t know why. i don’t have any strong or weird feelings or anything maybe just a little justification on my part would do. anything from you right now would do. god, why aren’t i used to this yet?
    i mean, yeah, i’m not looking for him. i’m not really expecting to see/ hear from him either but like, maybe just a simple text message would do? i don’t know. he’s like that. someone needs to turn my switch off now. i just might blow.
    i found the cutest little dress for prom in this cheap ass bridal place near sacred heart. i don’t care if it’s cheap ass, i love it. i feel soo princessy in it. i feel… pretty? lol. no, not that. not cute, hopefully.

    i’m fine. this is just me being a whiney brat.

diggul is my secret love.
so be it.


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