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It’s a start of a brand new day but I feel like I’m stuck in time as I go through the news, as I skim through my newsfeeds, as I walk down the streets and etc.

Life after the typhoon has definitely not been the same and we are all trying to find our places in this disaster. Like how are we going to help, are our efforts enough, while we wait and worry if and when we are finally going to be ok.

My country is definitely not the same country as it was a few days ago and that can go both ways.

On the bright side,I am always brought to tears in awe of how we have been brought together as a country. Seeing how everyone is getting together to pitch in in the slightest ways possible is always uplifting.My friends have slowly reunited with their families and there has not been a shortage in help especially from other countries.

On the not-so-bright-side: There’s always doubts about our flawed government and people who have been deemed to have lost their morals, when in fact they are only trying to survive. I have friends who have not seen or heard from their families and friends of friends who are missing. And then there are the occasional 1 minute wonders who always have something bad to say and those who are just plain insensitive.

It’s not a perfect world, deal with it.

But despite all these things, no matter how imperfect we are, no matter how many times we may question these peoples morals and dignity or self control- no matter what, we will NEVER be them. We will never know what it’s like to have a hungry family with no clothes, water or shelter. We will never know what it’s like to walk among a sea of dead bodies… which is why we shouldn’t be so quick to judge.

I am deeply struck by the events that has happened to my country. Never a day has passed when I’m not checking the news, weeping for the dead and rejoicing for the living. Never a day has passed when I am not worried for my country and grateful for the aid that has been given. I still find myself in disbelief of what has happened… it still feels like our biggest nightmare magnified and materialized. It is that bad.

I know in time we will all be ok, we will come out stronger and better and braver and smarter. We’re Bamboo’s like that. But in the meantime, let us not stop helping, praying and doing our parts. We are all needed to put back the pieces of our country back together.

Bangon, Pilipinas.

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