Yolanda Chronicles II


8:33 pm

Shortly after my first entry we lost electricity and unfortunately, until now, the most part of Cebu is pitch black. A part of me wants to go ghost hunting. It is still early November, after all.

The eye of the storm was not as bad as we had expected (thank god!). I am very grateful that there were no floods in the area and that we were all pretty much prepared.

Here is what I did today:

* Painted my nails… thrice!

* Slept

* Read all the newspapers and half the stalks of magazines my lola has kept under her coffee table

* Eat (bilong- bilong (my new favorite food), chicken with soup and SAYOTE!!!

* Eat (the chips my lola bought). They were useful, afterall!

I am currently at my friends house in Banilad to find relief in cans of “imported” beer Paolo decided to splurge on.

They have electricity. Lucky them -.-

Outside is still pretty loud but life is slowly going back to normal. Everyone in my family is safe (parents in V. Rama included) and my dog is still needy and has stinky breath.

I don’t know how much damage the storm has really done but I guess I’ll have all the time to figure that out when electricity at our place is back.

I hope everyone is safe.



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