Yolanda Chronicles III



I am writing this after having a bottle and a can of some beer I can’t even pronounce.

In my current state, I’d say I’m one of the lucky ones.Electricity is back, water is back, wifi is fully functional and well, there’s really not much I can do about my dog but at least it’s not raining which means, her ass will not be in my face the entire night. Yes, when it rains and she gets scared, she likes to strategically place her ass in my face.

Thank God that the worst is over (but I cannot attest to that) and we are all safe.

I read something on Facebook that the Philippines is stronger than any typhoon and yes, we are and above all, we are lucky/ blessed. Whichever rocks your philosophically maneuvered boat.

 Tasi, Labangon still has no electricity. I guess Paolo will have to sleep without the comforts of a fan or air conditioning tonight. My poor baby.

Good night, everybody.

Praises. (To who ever you wish to pay your praises to!)

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