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 We always want the things we can’t have and despite my egg allergies, I quickly discovered the trying out Yolk was one of the things I just could not resist. No matter how hard I tried!

As soon as I walked into their quaint little establishment, I knew I was going to enjoy my egg and coffee filled dinner even if I knew it would lead to bad case of allergies right after… but it was all worth it!

The first thing I try to pay attention to when I enter a new place is the ambiance. Would it be a nice place to hang out with friends or go on a date? What kind of people would enjoy it and most especially, is the ambiance worth the price of not just to food I’m paying for but the overall experience? Walking into Yolk made me feel like I was about to dine at a rustic countryside cafe with it’s use of mixed materials and their homey feel. I loved how they used bricks, wood and cement to set the vibe right and their use of earth tone hues and smart prints to bring everything together. In a way, it sort of reminded me of my room which also means, I did not want to leave!



Prior to going to Yolk, I had asked my friends for suggestions on what to get while I was there. I originally planned on staying away from the eggs but everyone seemed to be pushing me towards the opposite direction so I guess, there was no way of dodging that bullet. The place is named Yolk, after all.

One friend did suggest ordering the IT’S SO FLUFFY (I COULD DIE!) mini-me pancakes [Php 180.00] so we ordered that aside from the Super Beefy Omelet [Php 180.00], Eggs Benny [P280.00] and of course, coffee.

My favorite among the three had to be the pancakes. It had an interesting syrup alternative that consisted of mashed mangoes and a soft but flavorful hint of cinnamon in the mixture. And yes, they were SO FLUFFY, I COULD DIE!

The Eggs Benny is something that I would definitely eat again with Paolo around for reference since he knows more about it than I do. But I did enjoy the variation of this egg as compared to the more common sunny side eggs and omelets.

Preference wise, I’m not a big omelette fan so I wouldn’t be able to give it a fair description. On the other hand, my little brother devoured the whole thing while still asking for seconds. He really liked it!





Yolk is one of the places you’d want to bring your family, friends and your significant others to because of it’s intimate ambiance and great food.

It’s one of those places you’d enjoy spending the afternoons at with a good cup of Joe while having conversations and of course, taking Instagram worthy photos!

Also, the staff there are great and are very accommodating, making your overall experience top notch!

Store Hours: 7:30 am – 10:00 pm (Tuesday- Sunday)

Address: 80 Tres Borces Street, Mabolo, Cebu City

Telephone: (032) 231 0411

For more information you can contact them through:



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