You Are My Silver Lining

I asked God for the sun

but instead He gave me rain,

I asked God for a miracle

but then He gave me pain

I asked life for a river

but I have no place to soak my feet,

I took a risk and took a leap of fate

but I ended landing on the hard concrete

And in my strife I asked,

“God, are you even there??

If I got on my knees and cursed you,

Would you even care?”

I’ve stopped asking and I’ve stopped hoping

But if there’s one thing I wish you knew,

I got my rain, my miracle, my river

The moment I met you.

Gold Cardigan: Thrifted| Silver Skater Skirt: Cebu Fashion Diary (online find)| Bag: Bally (vintage)|  Watch: iWatchz| Oxfords: Artwork

Doing some elementary level rhyming because I badly miss Paolo.

What a shmuck.

How are things on your side of the world?



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