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issadog_102890: hey dad
daaady Chua: hey sush
daaady Chua: how u been
issadog_102890: i’ve been good <- but you wouldn’t really know cuz
issadog_102890: thanks for the stuff you sent me <- HAHA. honestly, i wanted
more. you suck gyud.
daaady Chua: you like it sush?
issadog_102890: i like it alot! <- i lied. i had to!
daaady Chua: im so happy to hear that
daaady Chua: i didnt have much to send <- OBVIOUSLY. but i’m used to it, i guess.
issadog_102890: it’s ayt.
issadog_102890: i like what you sent man sad
daaady Chua: do you have the angel cards with you?
issadog_102890: i bring it with me all the time <- even if i don’t get the point of it. or the purpose of you
giving me it.
daaady Chua: good
issadog_102890: haha
issadog_102890: where’d you get those?
issadog_102890: and what are they supposed to do?
daaady Chua: when i order my business card, they give you a box for free <- oh, so THAT’S why.
giving me free shit just so you’d have something to send. show some dignity. be a dad!
issadog_102890: ohhh. haha
issadog_102890: they’re nice
daaady Chua: so what have you been up to lately?
daaady Chua: is that boy still visiting you at home?
issadog_102890: church. school.
issadog_102890: sometimes. he calls at home though
issadog_102890: he came over last week to give mommy sylvannas
daaady Chua: hmmmm sip sip
issadog_102890: hahaha
issadog_102890: crazy
daaady Chua: and what will he be giving me? <- buang ka.
mas daghan pa na’g gi hatag nako kaysa nimo. inutil ka!
issadog_102890: hahaha
issadog_102890: what do you want?
daaady Chua: for him to stay away from you
issadog_102890: batia gud, di ko
daaady Chua: why do you like this boy? <-because he doesn’t remind me of you.
he’s nothing like you.
he makes me feel SAFE!
issadog_102890: haha
issadog_102890: if i said yes would you hold it against me?
daaady Chua: what do you like about this boy?
issadog_102890: haha
issadog_102890: he’s god fearing, for one <- KUYAWA!
daaady Chua: thats good
daaady Chua: but he better fear me too <- oh, you wish!
issadog_102890: unsa bah
daaady Chua: just be safe sush and be wise with your actions <-
in short, don’t have SEX. and if you do, be safe.
pffft. where were you when i had that talk?
issadog_102890: yes,dad. i had that talk already
issadog_102890: dinner
issadog_102890: brb
daaady Chua: ok
issadog_102890: back
daaady Chua: paspasa gud
issadog_102890: i eat fast
issadog_102890: i don’t usually eat dinner man gyud
daaady Chua: uy
daaady Chua: wala man gani tuy 5 mins
issadog_102890: haha
issadog_102890: wa diay?
issadog_102890: naa baya
daaady Chua: unsa may sud-an nimo?
issadog_102890: chicken
issadog_102890: i don’t like pancit man or shrimp
daaady Chua: pilian diay nimo ug food sush<- DAMN RIGHT!
issadog_102890: haha. ever since before pa
daaady Chua: sush, what do you think of this new site i built
daaady Chua: hang on. let me upload the new changes
issadog_102890: ayt
daaady Chua: k, ready na. please reload
issadog_102890: what’s this for?
issadog_102890: cool kaayu ang picturres <- liar
 daaady Chua: our new website
daaady Chua: im ready to launch it today
daaady Chua: im just working on the text
issadog_102890: oh, ok
issadog_102890: do you have to advertise it if you launch it?
daaady Chua: im planning to
daaady Chua: actually, im planning on advertising thats why i redesigned the site
issadog_102890: ohh
issadog_102890: what was the first design man diay?
daaady Chua:
daaady Chua: it didnt like it that much
daaady Chua: basaha kuno ang text sush if there’s typos and wrong grammar
issadog_102890: ang nice ra sa last one kay ang lihok2
daaady Chua: yah, i will update the pics for the new ones to have those movements too
issadog_102890: lol
issadog_102890: cool
daaady Chua: what are your plans for today sush
issadog_102890: today
issadog_102890: nothing na
issadog_102890: it’s late
issadog_102890: i spent the whole day out
daaady Chua: are you still playing tennis?
issadog_102890: yeah
issadog_102890: i played today
daaady Chua: you play every week?
issadog_102890: i try
daaady Chua: you planning on a tournament soon?
issadog_102890: yeah
issadog_102890: i have district meet by november
daaady Chua: whats that
issadog_102890: first it’s district meet
issadog_102890: then regionals
issadog_102890: then CVIRAA
daaady Chua: whats cviraa
issadog_102890: national competition
issadog_102890: i got as far as regionals last year
daaady Chua: wow
daaady Chua: so this year, you might be able to get to cviraa
issadog_102890: noo. i doubt.
issadog_102890: it’s hard na


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